Degree in Financial Management


I have often wondered if there is a degree as opposed to professional training in this area and I have now discovered the Herriott Watt University in Edinburgh offers an MSc in this area.
An MSc in Financial Management iwill privide a good background for high level decision making in the areas of corporate financial management, derivatives, risk management, mergers and acquisitions etc, and will help in accessing senior positions in investment banks, financial consultancies and government ministries.
The course has 9 modules which are:
a) Finance
b) Quantitative Analysis
c) Accounting
d) Credit Risk Management
f) Financial Risk Management]
g) Mergers and Acquisitions
h) Corporate Governance Planning
i) Strategic Planning

The university offers a certificate after the first three modules are completed, a diploma after six and then the degree on completion.
In my view the degree content is balanced and will allow for a good choice of careers and will also allow for further development of such areas as Risk Management. A number of the modules are in areas which may be referred to as “of the time” and thus I would like to hear from anybody who has taekn the MSc degree os I can evaluate the options.


This degree, whilst looking as if it would tax the most intelligent amongst us, most certainly has a place in the light of the financial disasters that have overtaken us in the last three years or so and continue to do so. Sound financial management is a key to having a successful economy and business and thus the knowledge that this degree offers is vital.
The choice of modules indicates that there will be a broad based knowledge and interestingly it includes that area of growing concern Corporate Governance. Again yesterday the affairs on News Corporation were exposed before a parliamentary committee and the need for sound Corporate Governance were displayed.
The credit risk and financial risk modules in some way support each other and this would be particularly so if you were involved in the banking industry.
I am surprised if there is only one university offering this degree as I think there is a need for this.