Deferring at Deloitte


This may sound a little stupid but I can’t find an answer to my question anywhere. Can the decision to defer be made after the final offer is given to you - i.e you don’t need to bring it to their attention at any stage prior to the offer being given?

Also does anyone know if it’s possible to defer for a year but to another office location? My application got transferred to a city i really don’t want to live in because the one i did apply to was full and now i’m having regrets!



I would keep quiet about your desire to defer until after you get an offer. In the current recession, a deferral is good for Deloitte. Make it clear that you are prepared to start straight away if needs be and emphasise the potential benefits to you and the firm. The Big 4 firms are generally open to deferrals.

I don’t think moving to a different office will be possible. The offices interview with a view to using a trainee for three years, so it’s very hard to change offices. Although, it might be worth a try. Again, state the benefits to you and the firm and make it clear that you are happy with the current office choice.


Cheers for that.

I’m opting against the deferral now and I mentioned about a possible office change and you’re right - i was told it’s highly unlikely until i’m qualified. Not to worry though - at least i’ve got a job!


Yeah any (reasonable) job is better than no job