Deferred big 4 offer


Hi all,

I have deferred an offer with big 4 company until 2011. If they discovered I was interning at an Investment bank this summer, would this be a problem from their perspective? Presumably they wouldn’t terminate contract or anything if they found out?

If anybody has an opinion or experience of this I would appreciate hearing!!


I don’t think they will really care what you get up to before you start working for the Big Four firm, but of course that doesn’t mean you should send them regular email updates about life as an IB intern.

Just don’t tell either company about the other one and you will be ok.


09, man of double standards. I was looking at your comments on the PwC Pre-Employment vetting rejection forum and it seems you are very keen to criticise PwC for apparantly rejecting a candidate for some ommissions from an application yet here you are advocating that a candidate be less than up front when offered a job to enable them to take an internship and possibly withdraw from the Big 4 offer if the intern is successful. I agree, everyone MUST look after their own career interests and the Big 4 are not mugs. They know this goes on. So, maybe they are entitled to match the games that all of us play when we try to maximise our options.


leybbm, if the IB is a client of the Big 4 you’ll have to declare your work there when you sign the professional indepence etc forms on joining the Big 4.



?? Double standards?? I am not advocating a candidate be less than upfront, I am just telling him/her what would potentially happen. Now that they have all of this information it is up to them to make a decision to see if it is morally right or not.

Anyway, you can’t compare this to what I mentioned in the other thread. The friend of mine that had their offer withdrawn didn’t apply to PwC deceptively and would have gained nothing from omitting a 2.1 module result. How is that similar to what’s been posted in this thread?

Besides, as long as this candidate plans on starting with the Big Four firm in 2011, why would the Big Four care if they bummed around/interned/travelled in the period leading up to that?


Mea culpa. All fair comments. Agree with you. Although it does look as though the guy is keeping the Big 4 offer as a backup to his IB job. Anyways, of no import. However, the story about your friend’s experience with PwC is quite unprofessional and I suggest that said friend should contact the ICAEW and report the incident. Such behavior is bringing the profession into disrepute. I think your friend should also contact PwC and speak to a senior manager in HR and/or the dept who interviewed him as I believe that a genuine mistake has been made by someone blindly applying rules (ie no ommisiions/lies on applications) without applying some common sense i.e. this is not an ommission that should cause withdrawal of offer. You know, quite often these “mistakes” slip through when the HR depts are dealing with thousands of applications.