Decision making


when you had to defend a decision you made even though other important people were opposed to your decision


Always a tough question at Interview…If you haven’t been in this situation, then create a scenario and answer the question with a “faced with this dilemma this is an example of how I would have dealt with it” type of response. Of course if you have been in that type of scenario a real answer is better. The employer will be looking for how you handled the situation. They will want to see that your decision and its defence were based on confidence in your knowledge/ability/outcomes as opposed to an emotional response and that you acted with respect and empathy for your peers. They will appreciate your strength of character and decision making skills in being able to hold to a decision in this way. If it turned out to be the wrong decision you are looking to demonstrate that you handled that professionally, what you learned and how you resolved the situation.


It’s a good question as it will become real at some point in your career. It’s a tough one to ask graduates who may not have a great deal of work experience though.

Try and think of a real situation if you can. Have you been in a team or sports environment where you’ve had to persuade other players, the captain or the coach? Have you worked in any team situations where you’ve needed to defend your point of view?

If you don’t have anything specific so say but suggest how you would have handled the situation. Respect for the other views is vital to remember. Be reasoned and tactful in the debate. Stay friendly but business like, you don’t want confrontation.