Deadline for Audit Big 4


Is there a deadline for Audit Big 4 for 2010 intake?

Will it be too late if I apply in the beginning of July?


It’s hard to say definitively.

There isn’t a formal deadline, they recruit on a rolling basis. Which means they continue to recruit until the spaces are full.

Considering that recruitment begins in November for next year’s September intake, leaving it until 8 weeks before, when the window has been open for nearly 9 months, is probably cutting it fine.

Either way, it wouldn’t kill to take the initiative and actually read the firm’s websites/call HR and ask yourself.


PWC is already recruiting for 2011 too.


The original question was with regards to the 2010 intake.


Yes it was, the answer was for additional info taking into account that you had already answered for the question :slight_smile:


Of course it was.


Never too late to apply. I know guys who applied to PwC late August last year and started in Sept a couple of weeks later.