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Data Connection

Hi all,

I have an interview coming up at Data Connection ( for a summer internship. I was just wondering if anybody has been for an interview and how they have found it. In particular, they mention a ‘series of problem solving tests’ and a ‘broad interview’. Any insights into that?



With regards to problem solving exercises, are there any good ones online that I can practice?



i had an assesment day with data connection for the summer internship quite a while back…from what i can remember i couldnt do hardly any of the tests:P…they are meant to be challenging, but there were some ppl that found them ok so i guess it depends on the person! anyway, there was one sort of ‘IQ’ test one, which is just multiple choice looking at sequences and working out the next ones in the seqyence, looking at shapes, words that go together and odd ones out all that sort of things. Then there was a written problem about coming up with a simple communication system to solve a specific problem…the details and eveything else are explained clearly in the information they give you.

There was another problem solving exercise, which i found to be the toughest. It involved you following a piece of programming code and then writing down the output after each loop and then at the end summing them up together…but its more complicated than how ive just summarised as there are loads of nested if-else statements and functions within one another. the key to that is writing up a clear table of the values of each variable at the end of each loop so that if u lose ur way u dont have to start right at the beginning which I had to do. Then at the end of the exercises u have quite an informal ‘chat’ with an employee who goes through ur answers to the problems and its a good opportunity for u to say what you would do different next time (i had plenty to say on this!)

sorry if its all very fragmented and doesnt make much sense.dont really remember much. but i would just say, stay calm and relaxed and just think logically… its not that bad:)



Thank you very much, that was very useful! :slight_smile: Just wondering, how was the interview?

Also besides the aptitude tests that I should practice, is there anything else that you would recommend practicing for the problem solving exercises? They also mention that you do not require any technical knowledge for the tests, could you confirm that or would you recommend some background reading for this?


Could anybody else share their experiences? I have an assessment day coming up and would be grateful for any further information you could offer.


I just wanted to know for those who have applied? Have you all got straight A’s at A-Level. They make it pretty clear that you need to have that and Ijust wanted to know how strict they are.


I would think that they will probably be strict on this requirement given the employment market at the moment. I have 3 As and a B at A-Level and was invited to their 1st round interview.

On the other hand, if you write a very good application, you never know. Their website states that:

“The best correlation that we have ever found between the talent that we need and academic qualifications is GCSE and ‘A’ level (or equivalent) results. However, if you have extenuating circumstances for lower grades, make sure you put this on your form.”

Perhaps they would consider ‘the whole package’, rather than reject somebody’s application right out based on one specific criterion.


Yes they say that but then you need back up of whatever reason you write… 4 years on, that’s quite hard to prove.


I had all A’s at A-level, so yes I guess.

Just keep in mind they are a very gheeky company. You need to be very strong on the mathematical side of things. Unlike other companies, who would look at one’s social and communication skills, this company, to me, seemed like, are looking for mathematical skills more than anything else. This is reflected in their tests and interview as well.

energizer, have you had your interview? I didn’t see this earlier, or else I could have given you some tips.


I agree re. the mathematical side of things. I found, coming from a ‘BA’ background, that I struggled with many of the numerical-based aptitude test questions. It’s highly likely that this contributed greatly to my failure to secure a further interview. However, given that they refused to provide proper feedback, I’m not 100% certain that this was indeed the case.


Hi, I got an interview coming up very soon with them (Data Connection). Can anyone do me a favor to tell me a bit more about ‘the numerical-based aptitude test questions’ please? Is it something like SHL kind of numercial and reasong test or what is it like?

Also, what are the ‘problem solving exercises’ like?

Thanks a lot!!! :slight_smile: