DANONE Supply Chain Graduate Scheme


Hi Everyone,

I have been invited to do SHL numerical and verbal test. Anyone else who has been asked to do that?

Could anyone pls provide any information, advise or suggestion?

Looking forward to hearing from you all.

Cheers and good luck.


I am also interested in the Danone post-grad scheme 2012. How did you get on with the SHL tests? I did some for a British Airways scheme last year and found them pretty tough (The last time I did maths was at GCSE, I got a B).




Hi guys,

Ive done the SHL tests for them both online and on paper now and passed both. They’re not too taxing you just have to get in the right frame of mind for them. Do the practice papers on the SHL website and look at the workings out that they provide for questions you dont get.

You will find the questions reappear so if you do enough practice questions you will know the answers.

assessmentday.co.uk are also good for practice


Hi AMJ1236,

Noticed that you too have applied for Danone graduate scheme. I was wondering how your telephone interview went?

I have mine early next week so would be great to exchange ideas.




Hey Rhian,

What programme did you apply for?


Hi guys,

has anyone got hired by Danone?