Danone Sales & Marketing Graduate scheme


I have a telephone interview for the Danone Sales & Marketing Grad Scheme - can anyone give me any examples of any questions that they have asked?



Hi kate307!

I have a phone interview for the same position in a few days. How was yours? What kind of questions should I expect? Thank you for any kind of informationyou may provide!! It would be really helpful since this one will be my very first phone interview.


Hi p.antonietta!

From what I remember the following is what I got asked:

whats your strength
whats your weakness and what have you done to change it
why danone
biggest challenge
nhs changes and nutricia

Amongst a few other competency questions I think

Good luck!


Thank you so much for the information! How did it go? Did you get through this stage? What’s your impression about the company and the interview? Do you have any recommandation?

I am sorry for making all these questions but as you probably already know it’s not so easy to find information about Danone interviews! Thank you again.

I hope all the best for you!


Mine didnt go great and I didn’t get through but yeah the company looks good and so does the role, especially for FMCG.

Good luck!


How did yours go? What kind of questions did they ask?!


Dear 0307_mkg: I will have the telephone interview from Danone tmr. The Programme I applied is same to you-Sales and Marketing. Could you share some information with you about your telephone interview?? many thanks :smiley:


Hi rd266,
I haven’t had mine yet. I had to posticipate it to next week, but I spoke with another guy who confirmed 0307_mkg questions. Would you mind guys to share your experience after your phone interviews? I’ll do the same! Thank you so much!

Good luck


Hey p.antonietta,

I have mine on Monday next week! Where is yours?

Good Luck!



The questions that I wrote above are what I can remember from the interview. The interviewer seemed nice and it was quite informal to begin with, general questions (ie. checking availability) etc and so she made me feel at ease. Can’t really give you any more info as didn’t get through to the next round, good luck tho!


Hi, I have finished my telephone interview just now. Actually, I did not feel very well. The interviewer constantly stop me. Generally it is a informal interview at first. Little competency questions like your strength and weakness. Why Danone? Why Sales and Marketing? just wish you best luck.


Hi rd266,

sorry for the delay but the last days have been pretty intense for me! I’ve mine today in the afternoon. What about you? Keep me posted, I’ll do the same!

Finger crossed. I am sooooooooooo nervous!!


Hi guys! So I just finished my interview and I think it went well. The interviewer was very nice and she made me feel comfortable. I can confirm the kind of question, also how I did my research and a time I asked for a feedback to someone.

Bye bye. Ps Has someone been invited to the AC?


Well done p.antonietta! Glad to hear it went well! Any tips on how to prepare? Let us know when you hear back :slight_smile: I wonder if their AC would be before Christmas or in December?


That’s my feeling! I am waiting for theirs now :slight_smile:

I’d say research research research. Be yourself and try to relax, the interviewer will be nice! Stay tuned for January, she told me that there are no spots in December. Please anyone who has already attended AC could share the experience? In case this one would be my first experience! Thanks

Please rd266 let me know how it goes!


Can anyone shed light on the nhs changes/nutricia question? I am so confused and my interview is tomorrow!


Hi all
rd266 hope ur interview went well? My interview is this Friday. Am really nervous. Pls could u share the questions for the tel interview.
thanks a ton


Hi all,

I will have my interview next week. Could you please give me more information about yours ? Did some of you succeeded the tel interview last year ? Thanks a lot.


Hey guys,

I see this was not attended for a while, but I have an upcoming phone interview for Market Research and Consumer Insights placement and I would be immensely grateful if someone could add a line or two about what questions were asked or any tips :slight_smile: