D e V e r e


Hi, I saw a bunch of comments being thrown around in the Global eye thread but i wanted to ask if anyone has any specific experience with D e V e r e.

I have been booked on an induction in January for the position of Financial Coordinator and i have 4 locations i can choose from (each with guaranteed £1000/month) Switzerland, Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Cyprus. 50% of my accommodation will be paid as well as 50% of my flight after the first month.

Is any one of these locations better than the other and is there anything i should watch out for, what should i expect from the company.

It seems like a good career path but i dont want to get burned!

any and all comments welcome




Don’t even bother mate. Its really not worth your time or effort. But, you’re curious so go to the induction, read the blogs and personal accounts. Decide if 1 + 1 = 2 or if something doesn’t sit quite right.


do you have a source for these blogs and/or personal accounts? I can’t seem to drum up much


Check this out



Thanks, I have another interview in London on Tuesday for a trainee stockbroker position and if I get it I will probably take it. Seems to have much greater potential than a IFA role with Devere.