CV review service


Ho guys! is there someone who has already used this wikijob service?? I’ve bought it on 28/8 and I havent’received any comunication. I don’t expect the review but at least a comunication like “We’ve received your cv, it will be reviewed within x days”…



Yep, I used it a few weeks ago and was really impressed! I’ve been meaning to leave some feedback actually. I copied and pasted the answers from my PwC app into a word document and sent it off to CV@wikijob. Thankfully, my application only required a few minor change - it was, however, reassuring to know that another pair of eyes had read it from a critical perspective. I’ve got an interview coming up so thanks Wikijob!! Furthermore, I would really recommend the numerical test package for £4.99 - there are about 210 questions within 8 tests, which can be downloaded to your computer in PDF format.

I’m surprised you’ve not heard anything. I got an email saying that my app had been received but then things went a little quiet so I phoned the service and spoke to Ed and he was most helpful (I later saw him on the BBC news when I was in France talking about graduate jobs!). I would suggest you give them a call or send an email as I think it’s meant to be a 5 day turn-around at the most…

Best of luck with the application,


Thank you Imiliano your opinion is very helpful and it is good to know that they do a good job. Actually I’d like to e-mail or phone them but I didn’t find any contact on the web site. Could you send me the link to these contacts?


I’ve sent you a PM


I can also review your Cv :freindly