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When filling online application forms of BIG4. Will you have to upload your CV? If yes at which stage?


Deloitte’s have the option to upload your CV at their initial application stage, but that’s optional. Certainly not for PwC and KPMG, but I’m not sure about EY.


that’s a bit strange. how do you then tell them about what you did in your position, especially if you have a long track of career progression?


I think they will ask you about what jobs that you have had if you make it through to the interview stage. It will cut down on the reading of applications for them.


Large firms like these receive so many applications (1000’s) that they try to streamline the application process as much as possible - CVs are generally all different: different styles, different content, different focus - and aren’t a good standardised way of assessing a large number of candidates quickly. So, HR sometimes just make applications more simple/straight-forward/standardised and allow candidates to leave things like CVs off to save time, and then, as said above, ask about work experience, etc in further depth at interview.


On the online application forms for the big 4 there are sections for your work experience with usually a small section for a summery of the role. If not it will be in interview either as straight forward questions about work or in the form of compentacy based questions.

Joyrevision, theres no CV upload for E&Y.