Cut-e Abstract or Inductive reasoning test format


Hi everyone,

I wanted to ask a question and also share my experience regarding the Cut-e format of Abstract reasoning test.
It was a bit unusual format for me as it contained a group of alpha-numeric characters rather than usual series (sequences) of diagrams. E.g. there was a diamond shape that contained number and letters in certain positions, combinations or order. There were two groups of diamond shapes with these characters, one was marked with blue colour and the other was marked grey. The answer choices contained a set of 4 other diamond shapes - EACH these needed to be allocated to ONE of the groups above (either blue or grey).

I have to say it was not very difficult although I may have messed up the first few questions as I was adapting to the style. As a result, I am not 100% confident that I had passed :frowning:

After having sat the test, I did some search and found that there are test preparation packs on this from test prep providers such as Graduatemonkey and Jobtesprep. I found that Graduatemonkey even provides tutorial ebook and videos on this.

My worry is that other people would have prepared better they knew exactly what the test format was so their scores would be higher - which means my score would not fall in the needed percentile ranking to be accepted. It is an engineering company that I applied for so I am anxious.

Could anyone advise of your own experiences with this specific test format (Cut-e Abstract reasoning test containing letters and numbers only)?

Cheers from Merck.


Hi mate, I had the same issue. I took the Cute abstract test without knowing what to expect and in the end failed… even though I have a strong Math background. These tests are subjective in my opinion. If you had prior experiences or proper preparation you could advantage over even someone with PhD in math. I wish I knew there were some test preparation sources :frowning:


you do need to prepare for these tests as they seem unusual at first. graduatemonkey is indeed a good choice for Cut-e Inductive reasoning test preparation (which is based on logical groups of alpha-numerical characters)


so which source is better for Cut-e test preparation: graduatemonkey or jobtestprep?


Graduatemonkey does Cut-e inductive reasoning test prep packs. Cut-e inductive reasoning test is a bit different from standard SHL/Kenexa abstract (logical) reasoning tests. You need to determine logical associations of alpha-numeric characters in a set of boxes. Some boxes may contain characters corresponding to a certain logic (e.g. the sum of numeric characters may be 15). It could be a very difficult test for those seeing the first time. However, it is also a very easy test once you get to know about the logical concepts used.