Customer Service Assistant (Tfl) - Night Tube 2016


This forum is used more, there’s people there waiting to hear about training also.


Thank you so much!


When did you have your assesment?



I spoke to on-boarding today 1st June 2016 who confirmed that they have the full co-hort for all CSA 1 night tube and all other roles (I applied for CSA 1 night tube part time completing on boarding on March 23rd) and CSA 2 (I’m happy to start as a CSA 2) for the foreseeable future and will not be having any more recruitment for any CSA 1 or 2.

I guess like many others I applied, studied for and preprepared hard tock two days of work for, to pass the exams, tests, medicle and was successful for a job that has been over recruited I am still VERY keen to join TFL but it will be a VERY long wait into 2017…



Did u get any updates regarding the CSA night tube training dates yet ,as they have officially announced that it shall starting in August


Hi there it seems you are well informed about this could you tell me the link to get on the ladder for this CSA position in tfl. I currently work for network rail as a CSA and would like to apply for the tfl position


Hi belinda any chance you could send me the link for getting the application for CSA position at tfl as I would like to apply. I’m currently in a CSA position in network rail but would like to join tfl. If you have this information would you please pass it on thank you


Daniel, applications are closed.


May I know how soon CSA jobs on LUL will be advertised? Thanks


May I know how soon CSA jobs on LUL will be advertised? Thanks


Does anybody know the difference between csa1 and csa2 ?


Hi going for a group assessment tomorrow morning TFLLondon, West Kensington,am excited?


I had a interview with tfl and I struggled to understand two of the 4 questions, one i believe was the collaboration one, im expecting a fail, but wouldnt mind a retake but would not like to start from stage 1. How did you get a retake? did u start from stage 1 and why?


For interview most of the times they call you again to do the interview.


Hi, today I went through Part 1 - written assessment for CSA1 part time. Although I prepeared quite well the nerves got to me! I felt confident with most of my answers, but left out 3 questions and was unable to complete part of the written communication. Really hope I pass, but was wondering if there was any room for error or does anyone have an idea of the passrate?