Customer Service Assistant (Tfl) - Night Tube 2016


this is really helpful. How long does all this take roughly please.
Also is the hearing and eye test difficult as in can you fail or its very basic and straightforward.


hi, how u all doing? my application was successful and i received a link via email to fix time and date of interview. the link opened up another page so i could register with them, but when i filled in the details and cliked continue, it just said oops the was a problem. i tried on laptop and phone, but same thing happens. did anyone else experience this.
pls let me know how u dealt with it. oh and is the interview through phone or what…thank u


I hope you finished your telephone interview successfully with Tfl (Night CS). Can you help me what can of three question they will ask. If you can help me would be highly appreciated.


Hi James,
I need you help that what can of three question they would ask coz i am having my telephone interview on monday with Tfl (CS). Please if you can give me some tips and help would be highly appreciated.


The email they sent you offering the interview tells you what the questions will be about. Read the information given carefully.


Please anyone who had the telephone interview can give me a heads up on what to expect.


Hi all,

My training starts on 3/8 and I received a email stating the the training has been extended from 2 to 3 weeks-with the final week being shadowing. This will cause some inconvienance as getting 2 weeks off from my main job was hard. My question is to the night CSA’s is what happened once you completed training? Are you getting a say in when you can do your shifts? as the go live date is some time away still. Thanks in advance.


We’ve been asked which two days we’d like to do until nights start and the earliest time each day that we can start.


Thanks, can you or anybody else confirm the leave entitlement for the CSA nights?



Fifteen days, allocated and not by choice.


Hi all, anyone able to confirm when do you find out where you will be based and when you get your pass?


You get your pass on the first day of training, and you get your station group allocation some time during training, usually in the first week.


heyy guys how are you all let me hope you still use this website well as i am new i really want to apply for a role in customer service assistant on the night tube train which is due to open soon but i cant seem to find any vacancies at all can one help provide me on some information how you all applied or any website i would appreciate it thanks alot guys and its nice to join the group


Night tube applications are over but there are vacancies for part time evenings.


yeah i kind of realised that one too man i cant believe im late for this but i did fill out an application though for the evening part hopefully they will get back to me thanks alot did u get the job yet ? if u did congz


Yes I got the job. Good luck to you with your application.


does anyone by any chance have time to complete the situational judgment test before 10 am tomorrow morning


Hi there ive got my competency based interview to retake this week, i was wondering if anyone could help me with it please. Especially with the collaboration and organisational awareness part, if anyone could give me tips of good examples towards these 2 scenarios


Hi everyone ! How can I apply for this job role? Someone please


Does anyone know how long it takes for them to get back to you after you passed the assessment centre?