Customer Service Assistant (Tfl) - Night Tube 2016


Will you have access to your phone?


No that’s the problem, I’ll have access to email only.


Who interviewed you, was it the black lady


Nope, it was another lady, I just got a call to say I got the job.


Well done, i still havent recieved no reply


Thank you, when did you have your assessment date? and did you have your exam on the 4th floor?


18th aswell, i dont remember what floor but it was at 12 oclock, did you recieve a call from a withheld number


Yeah it was withheld number why at 2:26


What time was your assessment at?


8:00 i started and finished at around 11:00


Oh ok so ill probably get a reply tomorrow, did you receive an email aswell


Did you get a call?


Yhup to say I got the job, apparently we have to pass an exam during training.


Hi, did you receive and email or letter through the post about the medical and training.


I received an email about the medical but nothing really about the training - just confirmation on when my training date is. Will probably receive further information nearer to the time as mine is not for another 4 weeks.


when is your training.
is anyone here starting there training on the 27th July


is anyone start there training on the 27th July


Hi i had my interview last thursday at 12 and still havent recieved no reply??? Has anyone recieved a reply who had their interview on thursday 12 or after


There’s no blood test, just a urine test. The rest is a horrible hearing test which seems to last for ever, eye test, heart and lungs listened to.


Also the drugs test is with the medical. First you go the Ashfield House just to fill in a form and take it with you to the medical.