Customer Service Assistant (Tfl) - Night Tube 2016


Training is two weeks. And you get paid 80% of your normal pay.


Well done for getting through all the way to the end!!! I had mine on a Saturday and received a call on Wednesday so 3 working days. They just say to allow up to 2 weeks but could be much sooner as the next batch of training dates are in July


Hey, Is anyone starting training for the Night Tube CSA 20th July?


Ah I was offered that date initially but was unable to take time off work. They will send you an email re the medical. It’s split into 2 - drugs and alcohol test then a full medical


Is the training every day for 2 weeks or just 2 weekends?


i understands it 2 weeks mon to fri 3pm to 11pm.


I really hope I get the job because I made it through all the stages I’m just waiting to hear back from them.


hi …have you attended yesterdays assessment ?
how was it ?


Hi, the assessment day was intense the exam is really quick paced and the role-play just stay calm and be yourself. I think the interview is just a formality.


I was there Yesterday I was the guy with with the pink tie carrying a black Adidas rucksack …was disappointed not to make it pass the first stage
who are you? and who else made it along with you ? ?


Well done to you all. To pass means you did really well through a very rigorous process.
What does the medical check include apart from the drugs and alcohol test for which you take a blood test. what else happens and how long is it?


hi. what is the location of the training is it Ashfield House.
i have my training in late July but need to pass all the pre employment checks which seem to be quite a lot.
anyone passed there medical and checks yet?


When did you have your assessment day and when did they let you know after that?


Hi there i also attended on thursday the 18th and got through to the final stage the interview, i was wondering do they reply via email or phone call and how long does it take


Hi, I made it through to the final stage too on the 18th and from what I heard they call us, and from other people’s feedback usually take about a week.


Hopefully we hear back from them soon because the wait is killing me. Let me know if you do hear from them


The medical is different to the alcohol and drugs test and lasts for up to 2 and a half hours. Only those who have attended a medical know what it consists of as it is not mentioned in the email.


What time roughly did you receive you call, I had my assessment day last Thursday and still not heard back from them.


I don’t remember what time! I received it 3 working days later
If you’re successful, they will call you up to 2 weeks later as they stated during the assessment day so it’s just a case of being patient.


It’s because I’m flying out tomorrow for 2 weeks so I wasn’t quite sure what to do.