Customer Service Assistant (Tfl) - Night Tube 2016


Hi guys,
I applied recently for CSA role before 11th of march, which was the closing date but now they extended it to 27th of march. Its been over 3 weeks that I didn’t receive any reply except the auto reply. Can somebody tell me what’s going on and what kind of questions they ask on phone interview (if by chance), will be really helpful. Thanks


If you read the posts from the other topic, there are replies to your question, waiting time is UP TO 12 WEEKS to get a reply to the application, regardless if it’s a yes or a no.


I got to know it after I posted it lol. Anyways thanks


Have you noticed that they extended the closing date to 12/04/2015? Lol


It’s something common to extend the deadline they’ve kept the last year campaign opened for 6 months so it is likely to keep extending this one as well, to recruit 350 people that will pass all the stages-and we know that the role play is not the easiest test- they need to have a lot of applications to chose from…just be patient, don’t panic, if you’ve got customer service experience and gave a good example in the application form no need to worry, remember the old saying “good things happen to the ones who wait” :slight_smile:


Hi All,
I am going for assessment on 12th June 2015 at 8 AM. I have done my phone interview and got invitation for appointment next day. Any latest interviewed or successful applicant please share with us your real experience and give us some advice. Any one going on 12th June comment here. I will meet you there.


Hi all, did you guys get through? I start training on 3/8 and just wanted to know what happens after training as there is a gap between training and night tube start date.


congratulations …mine is coming up next week , can you tell us about your experience on the assessment day ? what is the key to getting through that day ?


Hi, tbh there is no key but you must treat each part as important as your progress depends on passing each stage. Having said this I saw lots of people fail to get past the timed numeracy and literacy test… I.e. From 25 candidates after this test it went down to 5 candidates. This is my post in anther thread and I still stand by it…

Hi all, I originally applied for the full time fixed term CSA position and was offered that role, I eventually turned it down as I felt there wasn’t much scope to be made permanent. I then applied for the night shift role and attended the assessment day last Friday. These are my views/observations…

Data Interpretation test - familiarise yourself with TFL map you will save seconds over fiddling around with the map and finding stations. If you get stuck on a question or take too long on one, move onto the next question. The questions don’t get harder as the test progresses. Come back to the more difficult ones if you have time.

Literacy - If your literacy skills are not on point, you will fail. It’s too late fix this in a short space of time. I suggest googling some exercises where you have to spot punctuation and grammatical errors and correct them. This type of exercise will measure what level you are at.

The above tests are where most people failed didn’t progress to the next round. Use the practise materials supplied.

Role Play - There is no right or wrong answer as when I spoke to another attendee about her solution after the role play, itwas the opposite of mine- she let the customer though,I didnt. I think on this exercise they are looking for common sense, customer service and ability to remain calm at times of confrontation.

Interview - Think of examples to the competencies in the interview letter. I thought of basic examples and then expanded on them, I even found at the interview I was blagging/adding more to the example i.e let them hear what they want to hear. Above all it is a competency interview so your answers must be in the form of real life examples - make them up if need be.

You can listen to a lot people who provide detailed reviews of their interview day but I can confirm both my interviews had different layouts and exercises.



Managed to booked in for an assessment. I just want to know what questions were asked in the “Building Capability” “Organisation Awareness” and “Collaboration” section? - I’m not very sure what these sections mean. It’s quite unclear to me


Hi, I start on 03/08. Looking forward to it, let us know how you get on. It would be good to find out when travel passes are issued!


Hahaha indeed!

Good Luck for your first day - I’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:


Google is your friend. Just google the phrases given and you’ll find explanations and example questions.


I start on the 13th July. Only heard today that I’d been accepted. Got the medical next week. What does that entail?


Hi, I had my assessment day today and got through to all stages even the interview, what are the chances I got the job and when do they let you know. They said 2 weeks but roughly just wanted to know how long.


Hi, after your assessment day how long did it take them to get back to you.


Thank you, and congratulations to you too, so you receive a call instead of an email? What are the chances I got the job after the interview stage. Just really anxious now.


How long does training last and is it paid and if so at what rate??


very good. Upon signing out the security guard was confident to say you got the jobs as passing comment. i know he just the security guard but he has probably had lots convos with staff and applicants. the only issue i can think of is failing at interview i.e not providing enough in answers.


It took one week to get back to me. Had the assessment last Thursday and they called today (Thursday).