Current Tax Issues



I applied to the corporate tax and now at the final stage I have a partner interview in two days. Is there anyone knows the current issues about tax??? or anyone that can give an advise ???


the accountancy age website is really good for reading up i’ve found…there’s a whole section on current tax issues, you could try that, hope it helps :slight_smile: i have a partner interview coming up soon too, can’t say i’m looking forward to it!


I have already checked it :slight_smile: but do u know any main titles???

btw good luck with ur interview!!!


…you’ve seen these?


Thank you, I have already checked them as well and they were very helpful. But to be honest i could not find a strong relationship with credit crunch and tax… If anybody has an idea about it and can share it, I will be very happy :slight_smile:



not sure if its relevant to you, but how about the duty/European price differences on cigarettes?


I wouldn’t worry too much about tax issues specifically, companies are more interested in your general business awareness. The effects of the credit crunch/general economic downturn on the accountancy industry is probably the most likely question you’ll get.

In terms of tax, it may be worth having an opinion on the abolition of the 10p tax band, or the continued calls for the simplification of the taxation system.

Good Luck :slight_smile:


You should definately have an understanding and an opinion about the 10p tax band and Gordon Brown’s recent changes to the income tax system. Make sure you understand exactly how this affect lower income tax payers negatively.

There have also been significant changes to the capital gains tax system recently, which will have an impact on investors/business owners.

Not too sure what other issues may be affecting the tax people. Remember corporate tax is a multinational discipline, particularly if you’re applying to a [[Big 4]] firm.


yeah i would agree that the abolition of the 10p tax band and calls for the simplification of the corporate tax system - currently causing some companies to leave the UK for tax purposes i believe - are possibly the main issues. i doubt they will pinpoint any technical point and ask your views on it, unless it’s been a major issue.
i know it’s not a nice feeling to be at the mercy of the interviewer, i get really panicky when i start imagining all the things they could possibly ask, but try to remember they are likely to be totally reasonable and understanding, and you’re not expected to know it all!
good luck for tomorrow, hope it goes well!


There’s this about the 10p tax band:

[ WikiJob - 10p Tax Rate]