Current Issues In the Business World


What do people think the biggest current issues are in the business world? Obivously the aftermath of the CC are still prevalent: QE, the general economy and government stakes in banks, but what kind of things would you bring up to talk bout in an interview?


How about the proposed merger between T Mobile and Orange? Or Cadbury’s and Kraft? Take a look on The Times, BBC, Bloomberg, and if applying to an accounting firm, Accountancy Age.


Yeah I’ve been following the Cadbury-Kraft merger, it’s pretty interesting seeing both sides of the story. Do you think that talking about things that happened in the midst of the credit crunch, but still have stories emerging about them - for example, the government’s stake in the banks - is something worth talking about too?

Cheers for your input!


I’ve got an AC with PwC next Tuesday and have geeked up on the credit crunch and the ongoing stories - i.e. PwC’s administration of Lehmans. Also, you could talk about a possible cap on bankers’ bonuses - which stems from the credit crunch! I guess you can also tailor your commercial awareness to suit the job you are applying to. Is it accounting or banking?


I’m going for accounting. I suppose the reason the govts. input in the banks came about because of their sales culture and lack of internal control, thus highlighting the need for Audit services? RBS and HBOS stories are still really prevalent in the media at the moment, so I may go with that?

Good luck with your AC! Is it a grad job or internship?