Current economic climate/macro issues affecting the world economy etc


Hey everybody,

I’m a bit embarassed to say that my commercial awareness is next to zero at the moment.

Is there any place where i could get more information on macro issues affecting business, both on a local and global basis? I do know a little about the retail industry or the tech industry etc but my knowledge is very fragmented and I would like a more global understanding of current issues.

I have searched “BBC economy”'s website, but I find that only daily issues are mentioned, hence i wouldn’t know about recent past issues that could still have an effect on business.

If anybody could direct me towards a certain site/ or list some current important issues that I could research on…that would be amazing!

Thank you x


not quite sure what source you might have access to. To me, is a very good one because they have sections for hot issues where you could find recent development and discussion from multiple angles. They offer a 1 week online subscription trial for 1 pound, quite cheap and better than printed version for desk research.