Current BDO application?


Hi, is anyone currently in the BDO process? just been invited to take the online tests, which im presuming wil be fine as passed all other big 4 tests…i’ve managed to get to final AC with big four but then miss out- any words of wisdom, i’v obviously got something they like…but need to work on my interview technique. any experience with BDOinterviewers would be grand :slight_smile:

cheers in advance.

Bevs x


hi bev

I have just received an email inviting me to take the online tests. Just wondering, on your BDO track application homepage, did you originally have an invitation to take the numeracy test only?

Because I only have an invitation to take the numeracy test. I can only assume the invitation to take the verbal test will appear once I’ve completed the numeracy test. I am correct?



Hi, yes you complete the numerical one and then the option for the verbal appears aftre that. good luck! im sur eyou’l be fine, just waiting for my results


thanks for reply.
How did you find the numerical test compared to others?
Also, how long have you been waiting for your results now?
thanks again


I found the numerical test ok, i dont htink i managed to finish all the questions but they weren’t too hard, just lots of them! I completed the verbal reasoning test on Sunday i think so have been waiting since then.

where have you applied to and what stream? I have applied to risk services in Southampton.


i applied for tax at epsom.
are each of the tests 20 mins long?
because wiki stated the verbal is 15 mins, and that numerical is 21 mins.


hi bev

are you still waiting to find out whether you passed the online tests?

Just wanted to get some idea of response times. I took mine on Wednesday so I suppose it’s still early days for me.


yeah still no word im tempted to give them a call…


I don’t think it would be unreasonable to give them a ring if you’ve not heard after a week.


Hi bev - did you ring up in the end? I’m still waiting for my results…


They will get back soon


hi, I just got a phonecall tonight and have been invited to an interview at the end of february. :slight_smile: have you heard anything back yet?


Just fixed an interview date today. Congrats on your interview!


have you got details of your interview? mine is with two people?!!! a manager and a director- slightly more nervous now!


I guess it varies between service lines as mine is with one manager.


when is your interview bingkk32?


bev, they do vary between service lines but my first interview was also with two people, and it was fine so don’t worry! It was still really relaxed, the HR manager asked me most of the questions and the other guy just made notes and added a few points here and there, or asked me to clarify, but it also just felt like a three way chat! She kept forgetting things and asking him and stuff, and it made me relax that they weren’t rigid and perfect either!

They mainly asked me about my application form, and talked around some of my answers. I made sure I expanded and tried to cover their values and competencies and it was one of my favourite interviews so far, good luck!


thanks bmoo, great info! where was your interview and for what service line? x


It was London, for investment management, (really nice building!), but they are running their interview process quite differently, no final assessment centre, just partner interview. I don’t want to say to much in case they’re reading this forum and don’t want their secrets shared!! … I’m still waiting on a response, and I know very few people got to the last stage!!


Hw long do they tk to reply after the first interview?