Cubiks Logiks General Test


I have to take an online test this weekend for a company that wants to hire me. It is a “Cubiks Logiks General” test. I have tried to get info from the potential employer but all I get there is the test takes 12 minutes and you should study. STUDY WHAT??? I have looked for info but it seems that there are so many types that not even the internet has this answer. What I have found out ( I think) is that it is three sections, Verbal reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning. They are 4 mins each. I would like to know what types, as there are many, that I should study for each section. Can anyone here give me any further help on this? I would highly appreciate it!


i have to take the test as well, i assume you have finished it. Can you give some pointers or examples of question etc. ?


Check out this link:

Hope you find it helpful : )


An idea of what to expect pls


Pls how can I access free practise questions for cubiks format of 50questions 12 minutes . Help pls anyone. Thanks


I hope that this will help you if you will pass same type of test ,
I’m sure that you passed the test I hope that you give me some advices about it coz i’ll pass it tomw


Hi @jdogrulz. This link may help: