I’m due to start Indirect Tax at Ernst & Young in August and am going to be studying towards the ATT and then the CTA. I have always been interested specifically in a career in Tax, which is why I was quite adamant on doing the CTA instead of the ACA. Also, I have never really been keen on audit etc, which drove me away from ACA.

However, I’ve heard a lot of horror stories after doing a bit of googling which has really scared me! CTA seems to have a 30% pass rate and is supposedly 40 times more difficult than the ACA!

Studying has never really been a problem… I have a first class degree and am a very hard worker, but I understand that these exams are on another level.

I was just wondering what my options are if I do fail the CTA (touch wood I won’t!). Would I be able to switch to ACA or would I just get the sack?? I will discuss this with someone at EY but just wanted to hear from others who have actually done or are working towards the CTA?

Thanks :slight_smile: