CTA qualification from CIOT


Was wondering if anyone has any information on this qualification in terms of how it compares in terms of prestige/expected starting salary/salary after 5 years etc to the CIMA/ACA/ACCA.

I have been offered a graduate place in tax with the CTA qualification and I know it is a gold standard tax qualification but was wondering how it compares to the other major qualifications in terms of how employers view it and potential salary?



It is quite comparable - the only issue is it only focuses on tax not other areas like auditing etc. so you would be likely to only work in tax unless you did ACA/ACCA etc. later on

Is it with a big4/top20?


with big 6…yes i understand it means I would have to stay in tax.
So how does the tax area compare to areas I could go into with ACA in terms of salary?