CSC Graduate Scheme!!


Hello All,

I have applied to CSC Business Graduate Scheme. I have passed the first stage but the second stage did not go as planned!! I think I done OK (passed) for numerical but the verbal part was not good enough!! Lets hope it works differently!!..

Can anyone tell me how long it will take for CSC to tell me whether or not I have been successful and if YES, how long it will take until phone interview?

Thank you all



I’m not too sure about the Business scheme but for the technology scheme everything was automated, I was offered the phone interview straight after the tests. I did the tests a couple of days ago and have my interview next week.


Hi all, I applied for the consulting graduate training scheme and after completing the verbal test i found out within a few minutes i pased the test. But it maybe different for technology. Jagode How did your telephone interview go? was it competancy based? what kind of questions did they ask you? If anyone could share any experiences that would be great. thanks for your help


Hi Financejob

It was the same automatic response for the Technical scheme as well. I have my interview scheduled in 2 days time, I expect there will be a few questions about the company and then they’ll blast me with the competencies. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Good luck with your interview. I have mine of thursday. That will be great if you could let me know how it goes. thanks



I had my phone interview today, I was only asked 3 competency questions which is odd because that meant it only lasted 30mins, from what I’ve read other candidates were asked 7 or 8. Anyhoo these are the questions I was asked:

  1. What do you know about CSC’s services.
  2. Which clients do we serve.
  3. What do you think you can offer to CSC.
  4. What are the main duties for your role.
  5. What are the main skills, in general, required for teamwork.
  6. Difficult member in team.
  7. Complex project.

Hope it helps you and others. Good luck with your interview.


thanks for your help. Did they ask you to use the STAR technique when answering your competancy questions (Situation, Task, Action and Result)? Also where were you able to find out about other peoples interviews -the ones that had 7/8 questions? thanks again for your help.



Yeah you should use the STAR method, the lady was nice enough to point it out before she began asking the questions. These are all the questions CSC asked the other candidates, I found them on wiki job:

1.Where is our Head office (UK HQ is Aldershot, Hamshire).
2. What is our Revenue and Share price.
3. Who is our current CEO (UK CEO is Kevin Brown, Global CEO is Mike Laphen).
3. What motivates you.
4. Explain a situation where you have broken bad news to someone in a more senior position than you.
5. Day to Day duties for your role.
6. Explain a situation where a project plan changed at a late stage and you had to adapt.
7. Why CSC, Why this particular role, What does CSC do, Projects, Clients, Industries we serve.
8. Why have you chosen a career in I.T.
9.What can you offer to the role.
10. Explain a situation where you have had to deal with a difficult member in a team environment.
11. Explain a situation where you had to deal with multiple deadlines.
12. Complex project.
13. Explain a situation where you have built a relationship with a customer.
14. Which other companies have you applied to.

Those are all the candidate questions I found on Wiki Job. Question 7 will definitely be asked.
Hope it helps.


thanks for that. Some of the questions seem ok to answer. I think the dificult one to answer would be the questions about giving a situation where you have broken bad news to someone in a more senior postion than you? im trying to think of an answer for that. thanks for your help.


Hi there, i recently applied to the CSC business graduate scheme and i passed my app, tests and had my telephone interview, am waiting to hear what the result it. dont worry to the people expecting to take the telephone interview. the lady was really accomodating and very kind. i answered my heart out, hope it was enough, fingers crossed.
jagode, above summarised nicely the questions that u might expect.

also i was wondering if anyone has been to the assesment center ? any tips or advice please?


Hey Greg,

This older CSC link has some information about the AC

I’m still waiting for CSC to email me the AC details but I understand it will involve the usual AC interview,group work/case study and presentation.


Hey Jagode,

thanks for your reply, the link was AMAZING… all the tangible tips that r sooooo valuable, thnks. God Bless the internet!.
Which role r u applying for?, im applying for the project man.
after reading all the comments i cant wait to hear wen the AC will be and wat the topic will be.
keep in contact please, i will be updating if i hear anything new.



Hey Greg.

I’m applying for Technical-Infrastructure Solutions. There’s tons of information on CSC Case studies so I’m definitely going to read up as soon as I get the details.


Anybody else going to the Assessment Centre this friday?



What AC is running this friday?, I applied for Technical and don’t have the date yet but I assume it’s gonna be in January.


Technical grad scheme


Hey guys anyone knows anythings on this as I have found some new stuff on CSC Presentation for What has CSC done recently to imPress you and would you further exPand this to grow the business?

any ideas or any Presentations already made or done by any one already been to the assessment centre… would really be fab… email me on
would make it a hell lot easier


hey, i have got through to the A/C too but they said they would let me know of the date soon. how does the presentation stuff work out?
Do CSC give you the presentation title before hand and ask you prepare it at home and then present it there or do they give it too you there? how does it work?


hey there,
i am in the same situation as Financejob. really happy but nervous as well. l1nk1n i was hoping you could be kind enough and let us know what happened at the AC tomorrow plz. would be really helpful. thnks


Hey guys I am on the train and very nervous about the assessment centre for tomorrow, I1nk1n if you give us an insight regarding the assessment centre for tomorrow and how did you go about the Presentation for the Personal Presentation would be great would be even fab if you emailed you Presentation to us so we would know how you went about it would really be a great helP…