CSC Graduate Scheme 2016



I’ve just received an email from CSC saying that I met all the requirements to be considered to join their Graduate Programme and that they will be making a decision in the next few weeks. This is something I did not expect and makes me feel really uncomfortable given that the company is generally not performing well on the stock market and they keep making people redundant. Is anyone else going through this?

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They put me on a inrevlant stream and i got an interview with them. not sure if i should do it. I could totally understand you. Have you been to AC already?


They did that to me and a couple other people as well. But I’m alright with the role they assigned me. I would recommend you to do it as they seem to have interesting jobs that could help with your development. Yeah I’ve been, it tough but a fair assessment


I have just been contacted about the assessment centre, and was wondering how long after the assessment centre do you hear back from them?


Sorry for the late reply. They took longer than expected for me and at least one other person i know, but either way, they’ll let you know within 2 weeks if you have met the requirements to be considered to join. So i would expect to wait a month before getting the contract through the post. All the best with the assessment centre :slight_smile:


hiya Alistair, i noticed that you had an assessment centre with CSC, i have one tomorrow and was wondering if you had any information regarding the day that would be useful for me?
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It’s a fairly tough process but fair :slight_smile: There’s a written exercise, group discussion, interview and you have to give a presentation. The whole process isn’t bad at all and the most important thing is to be relaxed and be yourself. Make sure you know the company very well because the interview and the exercises are pretty much based on CSC and their clients.


hi guys how have you found the process i currently work here on the business consulting grad scheme


Hi there,
So I had my assessment on March 2nd. My application was for business consulting but on March 1st i got a call from recruitment business partner asking me if I would like to swap to infrastructure and service delivery program. After a careful review of the program, I chose to pursue them. I was told on March 21st as an feedback from the assessment that I have been shortlisted as an strong candidate after passing all the csc graduate assessments and they will get back to me whether they will proceed with my application in offering a role. To my surprise they gave me a call after a week to let me know I was unsuccessful. I am really frustrated and gutted. I was the only guy at the assessment center for the infrastructure and service domain, the rest where competing for project management. But I was told many applications was received this year which i actually don’t believe and they are still hiring by conducting assessment centers, etc.


We r still hiring but much less numbers than anticipated for consulting


The process was good and the assessment centre was great. The only thing that wasn’t a positive was the time it took to let me know if I had a place or not. It took the recruitment team just over 3 weeks to give me a verbal offer and 2 weeks to send out the contract. In the end it’s all smiles so all is well.


what stream did you get offered? i am a first year associate business consultant at csc


This is getting even more awkward now. I just came to know that the recruitment business partner for the graduate program for the role I applied had actually lied to me for the reason I was rejected. She just adverted on LinkedIn that csc uk is still hiring for the position I was considered. How dare she lied to me. She mentioned me that there were many applications but actually speaking they don’t have them enough. This is really annoying me and I feel embarrassed to apply to a company that can’t be honest.


No we are not hiring for consulting anymore. That stream is closed for applications.All other streams are open. You initaially got moved from the consulting/analyst stream because we are hiring less than we initially wanted. You then did the assessment for the new stream and did not pass. That is all. If we did not find enough candidates up to the required standard, we will keep advertising, until we do. To put it simply if we want 10 people and interview 100 but only 6 pass, we will keep interviewing until we get 10


In my case, they informed me that I have passed all the assessments ( online, video, assessment center) they are considering to provide me a role. But later they changed their stand. I don’t mind if this rejection of they had given me a honest reason. Instead they lied. Which is what irritating me.


How long does it typically take to be reimbursed for travel expenses? AC was over a month ago


Not too sure but took them about a month to reimburse me, but you should be getting it very soon. I believe it’s their finance team that handles this aspect so it all depends on their speed. Hope your assessment centre well though


Are you looking forward to starting. Where r u based


I am looking forward to starting for sure, I’m sure I’ve got a lot to offer and I’m also sure that I’m going to learn a lot. So can wait until I start :slight_smile: I don’t really want to disclose my base location on a public forum but I will be happy to do so if CSC create a forum for all graduates to communicate.


hi Alistair, I got on the graduate scheme too :). And yeah fair play not exposing yourself too much on here.