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Crowe Clark Whitehill

Hi everyone,

I’m constructing a wiki for Horwath Clark Whitehill here, Horwath Clark Whitehill | WikiJob … if anyone has been through the application/interview process here and has any information/tips to add they would be very warmly received!

Please feel free to add to the wiki, post info up on this thread or to pm me direct. Your information will be of great help to all others embarking on the application process for this firm.

Thank you!



my housemate interviewed for a trainee pos at HCW. He said the partner he met was probably the most boring man alive and just droned on and on…

that’s not too much use actually!


They are the auditors of PwC in the UK!


I’m off for an interview with them soonish. Nice lady on the phone. I’ll add some information to the wiki once I’ve been; my email from them gives a little preview of the standard arrangements:

“The format of the interview will be a 20 minute test comprising 25 questions to test your numeric ability [w/ calculator], followed by an interview with two managers from our audit department.”

I’ve not had an interview with two people at once before; wonder how that will go!


Good luck Aethelwulf! Im currently applying for them too - Maidstone office as my first choice, then London, what about you?!


'Twere Manchester for me, but they did not want me in the end. Good luck yourself. It’s a very standard interview; more CV-based than competency. You’re not supposed to finish the numerical test, but if you’re quick you can (they were surprised when I did).


hi Lottierrichards

I have been invited for an interview with HCW at their Maidstone office. Did you get an interview and if so, what was the format?

Any tips would be much appreciated!

Many thanks!


Hi bingkk32

I did get an interview, they emailed last week i think, but I got a job with Kingston Smith about 4 weeks ago, so decided not to go to the interview although I was really tempted!!
I did phone up just to have a general chit chat just incase they offered anything different to KS - found out that they are (i think) taking on 3 new gradutes in the maidstone office this year…salary £18-19k apparently! Didn’t find out anymore as the audit partner was away but it sounded good!

Sorry I can’t be any more useful!
Good luck!!


worst application process i have ever gone through. unprofessional.


Hey Lottierchards,

How are you? Congrats on the job with Kingston Smith. I have an interview with them very soon and I could really do with some help. Please could you let me know what questions you were asked and what for the tests take.

I really need this job and any advice, detail and ifo would be great.


I have an interview with Horwath Clark Whitehill and i was wondering whether the maths test is PSL or SHL as this would be helpful, anyone know what sort of questions that they ask you? Thank You


I had a first stage interview and maths test today with Crowe Clark Whitehill (formerly Horwath Clark Whitehill).

The maths test was very straight forward. I was asked 25 multiple choice questions and given 20 minutes to complete them. The test was much easier than the online testing for other mid-tier and big four firms.

The interview was largely CV based. I was asked the following:

  • Tell me about your A-Levels.
  • Why did you choose your university?
  • What do you know about Crowe Clark Whitehill?
  • Why would you make a good accountant?
  • What do you know about the ACA qualification?
  • Why mid-tier over Big Four?
  • Tell me about your role in your current job.
  • How would you feel about studying again having finished university?
  • How do you keep up to date with news in the world of business and could you tell me about a recent news story that interested you?

I find out the outcome next week. If you have any queries regarding my interview process, please do not hesitate to ask!


Hey Daithi,

I have an interview with HCW next week…just wondering who interviewed you? was it just someone from HR or a partner? and will you have a second interview if your successful in this one?

(Thanks for sharing the questions you were asked)

Any advice would be very much appreciated…


Hey Saf

I was interviewed by two Managers. Yes, I was successful and have a second interview with two Partners next week. Good luck for your interview.



with regards to the following application form question for HWC, ‘what you feel is your most significant achievement which you feel differentiates you from your peers?’ As well as describing what the achievement is, am I also required to say why my achievement differentiates?

Your help will be much appreciated.