Crowe Clark Whitehill 2011

Crowe Clark Whitehill

Has anyone had any experience in applying to Crowe Clark Whitehill? I applied over two weeks ago and have not heard back…assuming this means I am going to get rejected!?


I applied just over a week ago and heard back today and will be getting a first round interview. Anyone know what i should expect? any experiences to share?


Me too! mine is this week. I know it is a silly question but what shall I wear?

This is my first face-to-face interview. I have a skirt, shirt and blazer but my friend said it might be a bit over the top…



Hi, I applied for a sept start 3 days ago but heard nothing since.
ZoeGraduate, how long did it take for them to get back to you that you have been. Cited for first interview? Did they say what the selection process is like? Interview, any tests? Or AC etc…?
In relation to what to wear, office type skirt, blouse work fine for ladies. You can wear a suit if you wish. I have been to so many interviews and found people there, especially ladies, wear mostly business casual, like smart top (not blouse), office trousers or even casual skirts. I’m working in an office environment at the moment, not professional service firms though. I just wear a jumper with dark trousers, long warm dress with dark tights. However, for interview it’s different. I think better to wear more formal clothes. I was wearing a whole set of business dress, a blouse, trousers with matching suit, although it hasn’t helped me land a graduate job yet…


Hi Nerd,
I think I heard within the week but maybe they are just busy at the moment. Did you get an email of confirmation of your application?
I have no idea of the selection process. There isn’t anything about it online! My interview is 1Feb so really soon so I will write on here if I find anything out whilst being there.
Thank you for help on what to wear.
Good luck with your application!


Hi ZoeGraduate,
I did get an email confirmation that my application has been received and is under review. The email did not say the time it would take to get back to me though. Wonder should I email if still no response towards the end of next week.
Is it the London office you have applied for? Nothing on website in terms of format of the interview, competency or more CV based. Good luck for your interview. Look forward to finding out how it go:)


Hi Nerd,
They won’t have forgotten about you so don’t worry. Yes maybe give it til next weekend then.
No it’s the Cheltenham office I have applied for! Yes I’ll try and remember questions and everything.


Sorry to comment again…

Does anyone know if there is anything to take to the interview… Shall I take my CV?


Just had my first round interview for the Cheltenham office of CCW…

The interview began with being asked about my application form, so just questions based around the CV… e.g. why those A Levels, why that uni, tell me about your current job, etccc.

Then I had a few competency based questions; the usual about working in a team or responsibility.

Lastly, I had a numerical test (without a calculator)

Good luck all


Hi ZoeGraduate,
Thanks for posting your experience and hope you find out about the goods news soon.
Sounds like a fairly straightforward interview, CV questions as well as some competency questions. The numerical test without a calculator is a bit unexpected. Did you find it hard?
I haven’t heard from them for my application for London office. :frowning:


Hi ZoeGraduate, did they inform you through email or phone call to tell you that they would like you to go for an interview? Is there any commercial awareness question, or question regarding the strengths/weaknesses of the firm? Have you been successful? Thank you!


A test without a calculator, did they tell you before you wont be using one? is it hard?


A test without a calculator, did they tell you before you wont be using one? is it hard?


I had a first round interview in Manchester and they let me use a calculator for the test there! Strange that they didn’t do that elsewhere. The test was fairly straightforward, and the interview is as described above. I got through and attended a second interview and I’m waiting to hear back from them on that now (but it didn’t go as well as the first one!)


is the second interview on the same day?
I was told it was


is there any commercial awareness questions?


Hi Nerd and Paperstone,

The numerical test was very straight forward… just the usual percentages and long division etc. The time constraint made it a bit stressful but I am really bad at mental arithmetic so that was probably my problem.

I found out through email about the invitation for first interview… I had to then call the office to arrange it.

No I had no commercial awareness questions but I think it all depends on the office you have applied for. I am yet to hear back from them but I think they are generally quite slow. I’m not feeling very confident however as it was my first face-to-face interview so far.

Good luck all! xxx


No - mine was a few weeks later (due to Christmas). They’ve been fairly efficient with me but I’ve now been told I won’t hear the outcome of my second interview until the end of February, by which time it’ll be well over a month since my interview.

The first interview is really easy, I felt. The two managers interviewing me were really friendly and seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. They mainly asked about my work experience, why I chose my degree etc. and it was all fairly relaxed. The second interview felt completely different. It was with two partners and they were nowhere near as friendly. There was a much greater focus on competencies, asking if I’d worked in a team, how I’d motivate others. And there is a greater focus on commercial awareness - they asked about a business that had been in the news recently and what I thought of it. Not sure how well it went but i didn’t do as much prep as I could’ve really, so if you prepare you’d be ok.


from sending the application till the outcome of your application- roughly how long was the turnaround time?


Hi ZoeGraduate,

How hard was the numerical test? Were the percentage/fraction questions hard or easier than lets say GCSE maths?

Were there any particular questions which required some kind of financial knowledge? I.e. Balance sheet and Income statement numbers.

Also, in total how many other candidates were there?

Thanks in advance!!!