Criminal Record Check prior to employment in BofA/ML


Hi everyone,

I really need your help here. I just got an offer from BofA/ML for an internship. The contract states that they will do the criminal check after I accept the offer. Here is the issue, I was ever convicted by court for traffic offense (drive without license or insurance) and have a criminal record. I know I was stupid. Now I have to pay for what I have done. One mistake many problems… I am really worried that will BofA/ML take the traffic offense conviction seriously? Any help is much appreciated!! Thanks in advance



Any help or suggestion is much appreciated


Anyone give some help here?


Did they ask you to declare convictions at any point prior to the offer? I wouldn’t think the offence itself would scupper your chances but misleading them about it could.


The conviction is after they gave me the offer so I have been honest to them… my only concern is they will do CRB standard check. they will easily find my criminal record… will it be a big problem?


The only thing you can do is tell them about the conviction BEFORE the CRB - cos it will definitely show in the FSA checks, the internal ML/BoA vetting system - then you’ll automatically get sacked and blacklisted…remember HR talk to eachother.

I’ve seen ppl get the offer and then get found out during their post-offer CRB and booted off the internship…integrity is kinda important…


Thanks for your comment. My worry is I can call the HR tell them the truth. Integrity is important, but will they take traffic offense seriously and withdraw the offer because of this kind of offense?


The conviction will show up on a standard criminal record check. which I’m sure is the check they will do.

They will find out either way, so it is far better to tell them up front.