Credit suisse woes

Credit Suisse

Hi everyone

this morning I received an invitation to do the online testing for Credit Suisse, but to my surprise, the email sent to me had a different
addressee. Never happened to me before, so what do you suggest I do?

it’s really messy, messy :((


Contact grad team. they are quick to answer at CS.


@ hazelground:

When did you apply? I have applied 29/9/2009 and still haven’t heard anything back from them.




I sent my app on 13 October…a bit short, hence the irony of the email confusion…:)) let’s see how it goes

how tough are the CS tests btw?


ok, good news

got another invitation to online testing, but this time with my name on it. Lucky!..

they responded within 3 hours, and that’s something to appreciate …


can someone tell me how difficult the verbal test for CS is?

So far I have only done the one for barclays…hence, i’ve got little experience with verbal tests…
any suggestions are much appreciated



@hazelground: the verbal test for CS is tougher than the standard SHL one. But it is still doable. you are given a passage, a statement and then it’s true, false or cannot say. the tricky part is the vocabulary in the passage/statement is not as straightforward as the SHL one. on the whole, the verbal test for CS is easier than the math test. i couldn’t finish the math test within the time limit.


I got invitation as well, But I am not ready for verbal.

anybody can share some hints?


I just took both tests and here are my views

  1. the verbal test was indeed tougher than the shl one, with several questions very tricky, even now I am not sure whether I could do it better next time around… and the 18 minutes fly away like crazy !!!

  2. the numerical test was by contrast really easy…i finished with several minutes to spare…

anyone knows how soon we get to hear the results and whether or not we are progressing to the next stage?



Can you choose the language as for BarCap ?


Do we have to make them one after another, or we can take time to have a break ?

Thanks for your feedback.


as far as i know, there is no choice of language, but i guess you will need to contact the graduate team if you want it for the numerical.
for verbal, obviously there wont be a choice :))

yes, you can have a break in-between, but what i have noticed is that you can only take the practice test once and you cannot go back anymore to practise more, so make sure you do it properly the first time itself…


I took CS online tests on 21 oct and haven’t heard back form them yet.
Expecting to hear something in coming week…


@hazelground, hey, I did the tests also on 31 oct. Please let us know if you get the feedback from them :slight_smile: cheers !


i did them on 30 oct and i haven’t heard anything either. i’ve read somewhere that feedback will be given after 20th nov (deadline). correct me if i am wrong. good luck to all :slight_smile:


pumpkin28, thank you for your post ! “20 nov”! still long time to wait …


… i m confused … why someone else has got interview already ???

well, maybe it depends on the division we applied for …


maybe different country? i double confused ;=)


maybe different country? im double confused ;=)


hi pumpkin28, i just read some discussion from one of the Credit Suisse Forum Posts on this web. me too, it seems cs recruitment process depends on country maybe division too … I will definitely let you know if there is any progress on my side ! let us be patient.