Credit Suisse versus Goldman Sachs

Credit Suisse
Goldman Sachs


I’ve been offered summer internships by both of these 2 firms in the Operations division and I’m wondering which I should accept. I was wondering if anyone had any insights in terms of what career progression is like, how much job security I would have and what life in general is like to work for either/both.

I’m really conflicted right now so any help you could offer would be amazing!



Depends on what you’re looking for… Swiss bank is really processed based whereas GS is much more fast paced and decisions are evaluated afterwards…

What are your plans in the long term and to which extent can these banks facilitate your career aspirations?

Good luck,


For your career, I’d say to chose Goldman without any hesitation…
I personally (if given the opportunity), would really rank 1/ GS and then 2/JP. Credit Suisse is a very good bank, but I think it’s totally overrated.