Credit Suisse Private Fund Group Analyst Position 2011

Credit Suisse

Hi there

I interviewed for the CS Private Fund Group Analyst Position at the end of January and I was told that I was successful in getting through to the last round. However, every month or so since then, I’ve been told that last-round interviews with Senior Management have been postponed because they have been unable to find a sufficient number of candidates. For the last two months, I have not heard from them. I have emailed them to find out the current status, but I was wondering if anyone else was in the same situation as me? Perhaps even in other divisions? Are CS generally being slow to recruit their graduates this year, or should I assume that this position has now closed?

Thanks in advance for any responses!


Hello there! The position is open again and I actually planning to apply as well! When did you expect to start working?


hi, where did you see the vacancy? i looked at their careers website, but coudn’t find it?


It is in their website here is the link:


great thanks!
do you know of any other positions open for applications?


Is everything in their websites…


are they still hiring for this position?


postponed? possibly that was a hiring freeze. there have been rounds of freezes this year across the board.