Credit Suisse Online assessment

Credit Suisse

Dear all,

I have been invited to give the Credit Suisse on-line assessment test. I am new to the field of finance. This is my first test. Can you please suggest what to expect and provide some reference for reading.

Thank You in advance




Hi - I’m in the same situation: new in finance area and I’ve been invited to an on-line assessment with Credit Suisse.
So, please could you give me some hints / what questions to expect / how to prepare?

many thanks!!


visit and practise @


guys what testing company was it for credit suisse? SHL or PSL? Was the test easy? Any suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:


hi P, do not panic go to Shl /Psl website-there are samples. i’m sure that will give you some kind of insight to the “Testing world.”

My advice is online test/recruitment test is all about time management-so be on your guard!!!