Credit Suisse Online assessment and phone interview (Urgent)

Credit Suisse

Could anyone plz tell me what will be assessed during the online assessment, appreciated if you could also provide some examples.

Also, once an invitation received to complete the online assessment, how many days do we have before it closes? coz in my email it didn’t state a deadline date. Once the assessment is started could we stop and come back to it later? or do we have to finish it in one attempt?

Lastly, how long after the online assessment a phone interview will be received? and what questions will be asked? Thank you so much!


Hi July, I received a request to take that online assessment and am looking for some information on it as well. In the email CS sent me they gave no deadline either but recommended the assessment is taken within 5 days of receiving the request, otherwise your candidacy might be left aside.
I spoke with some friends currently working there but had no idea of what that online test consists in.
What position did you apply for? I believe the questions might differ depending on the division you are seeking to enter.
Anyway, let me know if you find out anything about the process and type of questions and I shall do the same if I find out anything… Thanks


I am in the same boat. Recieved an email on monday and have until friday to do the test although I am doing it tomorrow morning, snowed in under work so cant do it later.
Can someone please advise type of questions etc. I have applied for research anlayst role in investment research (fixed)


I took that test yesterday. It’s in 2 parts, one verbal analysis and the second one is analytical. Both have about 24 questions and you have about 20mins to answer each one of them. The toughest part is the time constraint I believe. For the verbal exam you get 5 texts to read and then several questions on each one of them by which you can only reply true/false/can not say, which seems somewhat easy but questions can be ambiguous. The analytical part consists of rather simple computations based on graphs or tables and you get 5 suggested answers, one of them usually can not say from data provided. The time constraint is the toughest on this part, I believe. Anyway, you get one practice test before you go live on each part, but it is not timed and questions slightly easier. It takes one hour to go through it all practice+live test… Once you have launched the “real” test part you can not pause and come back to it though… Also the program does not provide you with your results.
Not quite sure about the rest of the process and how long it takes them to contact you though.
Let me know if you guys hear anything new about it all… and good luck!


Hi Cornekrige,
Many thanks for your reply. That will definitely help. Will update on giving the test.


I did my test this morning- I must say the numerical reasoning took some time! I finished verbal reasoning before time and thought this is really easy but the numerical reasoning knocked me over. I could not complete the last 3 questions.
Will let you guys know if there are any developments.

Keep us posted!


I mailed HR regarding my test results. I got a reply saying they normally wud contact within 4 weeks after the deadline regarding the status of applications.


I wonder if anyone heard back from Credit Suisse? I haven’t yet.


Still haven’t heard anything as of yet… and status online is showing “in progress.” Not quite sure how long that whole process takes until we’re notified if eligible for next step.


Anything yet?


still ntg for now… same status. hasn’t it been 4wks yet?!


Any news people? I am getting a bit restless now. The online portal status is, ‘you will be contacted shortly’. But no news yet.


looks like the “you will be contatcted shortly” status seems rejection!
i got that one on my application just before rejection