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Hi summers,

Just wanted to ask you the same question. I applied to the analyst investment banking division and got an invite for numerical test. Howver, I ended up having less time and had to guess some answers. Howver, afterwards I got an invite for verbal test immediately, does it ean I passed numerical test? I know someone who gave the test and is getting status as application under review…so does it mean he has failed?

What happened with your application…if you dont mind me asking…just becuase yr situation was same as mine…


can i ask if anyone’s had an interview with CS? How did you do on the online tests? By that I mean how many were you sure of at the time of submission?


Hey I completed the online application over 6 weeks ago and have not heard anything since. I am applying for an analyst internship for summer 2009 I would have thoguht I would have atleast a numerical test request by now but nothing. How long did it take to receive an invite after applying? thanks. Has anyone been invited for a face to face interview already? I dont understand what is taking so long, do you think I could call them to see what is happening with my application? cheers


I am applying to summer intern 2009 and I got an invitation straight after submitting the application.
You should definitely call them cause I think if u don’t take tests before the deadline u’ll be kicked out.


It took them more than 2 months to get back to me after I completed numerical and verbal tests. My application was rejected and the reason is the same as COOLDUDEHERE70 mentioned earlier: “Failed Online Tests”. It is so ridiculous because I finished both tests with 2-3 minutes left and was quite sure about the correctness of majority questions…


that is so true! Not sure what exactly they are doing. It is all good


i have been waiting over two months to hear about my application…I received an email about a week ago saying that it was still under consideration, did anyone get the same email? I emailed them back again and they say my application is being ‘actively considered’ but have no idea what that means, it’s been so long since I took the tests I’ve forgotten how I found them!..


I fear that credit suisse may have finalised it Graduate intake and now concentrating on the Internship 2009 intake!!


yeah also with internship intake, a lot of people have had rejections even after performing well on the tests, are all places filled?


hey kkhimji2001 are you applying for an internship?? Also, I dont think that they have finalised their internship process? There website states they dont start interviewing ppl till after Jan. Does anyone have a first round interview with Credit Suisse? Is it mainly competency based?


Hi ether
I did the tests for Credit Suisse nearly 2 weeks ago and havent heard anything back from them yet. do u know when will they contact to u back after the test normally?
I applied for a summer intern - Finance Division.


Hello guys
can someone please update me on wht kind of questions CS asks on the numerical tests…


Its the same as most of the other banks, percentages, ratios etc. Have you submitted your form?


Thnks for the reply. I actually sent my application through someone i knw


Hi Guys,

Has anyone applying for the graduate program been invited to take online tests yet? I have submitted my online form since 10/09/09 and have gotten neither an invitation to take online tests nor a rejection.



same here sphynx

posted on 7 sep.


im in the same position sphynx…


same!!! also the application system is weird, it tried to transfer my resume to the application form, but resulted in chaos~~~


I know someone who has been invited to the online test for FT analyst programme.


I took the tests on Sept 30th. IB_Haunter what was the status of the guy you know who took the tests just after he submitted them.