Credit Suisse Numerical Doubt

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I recently took the Numerical test for a Credit Suisse analyst position. There were some problems with the submission and I got a re invite again. I completed the re-invited test successfully (and I am sure I did well). But i havent got an invite for the verbal reasoning yet. Does that mean that I have failed in my numerical test? Because my friends get the invite for Verbal instantly after they finish the Numerical.


I got my verbal test right after the numerical. You can phone the graduate recruitment helpline and ask if they have recieved the results of your 2nd attempt. Good luck!

By the way, mind if I ask you if any of your friends have received their application outcomes since both tests? If so, how long after the tests please?


As you can see our wiki profile on [[Credit Suisse]] is rather lacking. If you guys get to interview could you help us by contributing some information? It would be massively appreciated!


For ppl who successfully completed the tests, it says “Application under review”, i guess they would wait until the last date before sending out invites for interviews…but not sure though !


I wouldn’t worry too much. If you don’t hear back after 3 or 4 days, just give them a call and ask them. No doubt they’ll tell you to keep waiting, but they won’t mind you asking.


I just took CS numerical reasoning test. My feeling was bad since I got stuck at some questions and finally had to guess. But I immediately receive the invite of verbal test. I was not informed my numerical test result (no email receive.). I am wondering whether they assess numerical and verbal together?


They assess results of both tests, along with your application form, before inviting you to an interview (or not). Passing those tests are mandatory but cannot guarantee your an interview.

I suspect CS is in a hiring freeze though.


I am “under review” after the tests… anyone ever had an assessment center @ CS? What divisions have people gone for - I’ve applied for Equity Sales


hey guys, i just finished both tests. had some problems receiving my results for numerical test at first. thought i had to redo the test. after about 4 business days, they sent me an email and told me i passed. then i was on to the verbal reasoning test. completed that too, but now “under review”. not sure if my post needs to go thru assessment center. i applied for IT…
cooldudehere70, just wondering if we pass the verbal test, do we still get the “under review” status? or it would have been different. just want to know if i passed verbal…thanks.


Ycart01, mine is still under review and they haven’t got back regarding the outcome of application…


Hey guys

Did my numerical test and missed quite a few questions! Somehow I had convinced myself that I could not skip questions — very odd since I skipped all the time when I did practice tests and read the instructions before taking the test; test stress i guess. Got invited to sit for the verbal immediately though. Does this mean I had passed the numerical?

I applied for the Private Banking Analyst position.



hey cooldudehere70, thanks for your info. guess we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed then. it would be great to hear from someone who has passed that stage and actually gone to the other side: to be invited for an interview. anyone??

summers, i don’t think anyone of us are quite sure yet. what does your application status say?? “under review” as well??? if so, then you’re in the same boat as us…


Update guys !!! I got rejected !!! REASON : " I have not passed the online tests ", it is completely ridiculous as the application status was “under review” for over a month. And just after the deadline date, they say you are rejected.


i’m so sorry to hear that cooldudehere70, now i doubt how i did…-_-
so i have sent out an email to find out…not sure how long that takes though…
in a way, i think they should have told you immediately that you didn’t pass the tests, i’m sure those answers were marked instantly once they were submitted…
to wait a month to hear that, is somewhat unfair…


heya guys so do they assess the verbal and numerical together? I’ve just completed the numerical and then it went straight to the verbal but do they assess it together? and Cooldudhere70 what programme did you apply for?? It seems they take a long time to get back to you guys?!


I just took both tests back to back also. Not sure if I did so well on the verbal. Wonder how long it will take before I hear back . . . Has anyone here passed them? And, if so, how many did you miss?


Hi people,
Just wondering if you were invited to do the online numerical tests immediately after submitting your application? or was it a few days/weeks later?

I haven’t been invited to take the test yet…


Hi londonmonkey
I was asked to take the tests immediately.
However, I just received an email that there were technical issues with the tests and that I have to take them again :frowning:
So yours may be a technical issue. Not too sure though.


Thanks Summers.


Hey, jus finished both tests!! I thought the numerical was ok, managed to finish with time to spare, but the verbal was hard, what did you guys think? When did you guys hear back about the results?? My application is now under review?