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Hi, I got an email from CS who asked me to attend the 1st round telephone interview for QSI, which involves technical and competency-based interviews. What should i expect in such a phone talk? Any ideas are appreciated!



Any suggestions are welcome


Hi Jonathan. Just wondering whether you did your telephone interview for the QSI?
If yes what sort of questions did they ask? Was it more competency or technical?

Thanks in advance


Haven’t heard back from them since last email. Are you in the same phase waiting for the phone interview for QSI as well?


This morning a lady from CS called me and asked me to attend a telephone interview on Friday morning. She told me that she will send me more details about the interview via email. However, I have not yet received any email from them since this morning (weird!!). Just wondering whether it is mentioned in the email that the interview is competency based or technical?


It said it should be competency-based interview. Have you got the email in detail from CS yet?


Hi have you done your telephone interview? How is it going?



No!!! surprisingly they did not call me on Friday. From the beginning it was obvious that there is something wrong with the phone call as I did not receive any confirmation email.


That’s really weird!!! I think you should call them or email them to ask.

Best wishes


I emailed them, but no response yet!! Do you have a phone number from their HR??


I think it’s weekend and bank holiday so they don’t reply. I don’t have the phone number. I think they should reply tomorrow


I think it’s weekend and bank holiday so they don’t reply. I don’t have the phone number. I think they should reply tomorrow


Hey mj258, out of interest which role are you interviewing for?


To job1v07
Did you apply to this role as well? I heard the offer will be dispatched before 12nd of May.


@ Jonathan: Have you heard back from them?


I finished phone interview already. What about you? Any news from them?


When did they confirm the interview? How did the interview go? Was it more competency or technical?


last Thursday and it’s a competency-based interview. you still didn’t get feedback?


No neither through email nor telephone!! However, I am expecting to meet some of their HR people this week in a careers fair and will ask about my application if I did not hear back from them by then. Did you go through to the next stage?


Hey, actually mine is for a full time sales position, kind of a bit different I guess. I’m not sure what to think about it now, no information yet. All the best with your program :slight_smile: