Credit Suisse First Round Interviews - Non-technical IT Analyst

Credit Suisse

Hey guys,

I have my first round of interviews with Credit Suisse at their office. Anybody have any advice as to what type of questions they may ask. The interview is a campus recruiting grad position for a full-time Non-technical IT Analyst. There was a brief phone interview first and then I was told that the firs-round (there is only 1 round) would be a series of interviews with managers of various departments. Please let me know if anybody has any knowledge of the interview process, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


oh wow … congratulations and good luck with your interview. Is this position based in Singapore ?


Hey butters

How did it go?? how long after you completed the numerical tests did they get back to you?

I’ve applied for the same position and did mine on sunday and haven’t heard from them yet…


I am interviewing for this position next week, and was wondering about the types of questions they asked during the interviews, and the structure of them. Was there a test the day of, or after?


I think the position is based in London.
Good luck to everybody who will have the interview soon.


was it for the position in London??


hey butters04,
how long did it take to hear back? took my test for the position about 2 weeks ago and still have not heard anything.




Hey guys,

I have got a telephone interview with CS this Thursday for the IT technical analyst industrial placement program. There is a lot of info here on non-technical interviews. Could someone please post their experiences for the technical role??? Do they ask a lot of technical questions or is it competency based?


Hey sasha,

I applied for the IT Technical Analyst Grad programme… but the one bit of advice i can offer you which will be to just make sure you can comfortably talk, explain and express any group or individual projects you’ve done at uni or through previous work experience where you have made a significant technical contribution… i didn’t have a telephone interview so i’m not too sure about who it will be with (hr or IT managers) or specifics on possible questions… but in the assessment centre interviews which were a combination of technical and non-technical questions the technical questions were just questions asking me to expand on my previous technical experience - no theory or anything like that!

I’m certain other people here can answer the question better than me… but it’s a start! good luck and let us know how it goes

Edited to add - [ have a look here], you may find the beginning of this post helpful


Hi Oli_f!

Thank you very much for the update. I have one more question regarding the interview… What kind of questions did you ask the interviewers? And were there any business focus kind of questions like “Elaborate on the credit crunch” etc? Phone interviews have not been going very smooth for me :expressionless: When did you have your assessment centre? Hope you get a positive response from them.


The way they conduct the interviews it becomes more like a chat rather than an interview so you have nothing to worry about! Kind of questions I asked would have been about the groups the interviewers work in, the kind of things they do and also how they find working there, how long, etc… i was once told (by a CS recruiter actually) you can make more of an impression asking questions about the interviewer - because everyone likes to talk about themselves secretly!

again, i didn’t have a phone interview so it might be different on the phone but in my interviews there were no specific business questions, but as for any interview, knowing things about the company and sector you’re interviewing with adds context to anything you talk about… i’ve always been told to make sure you know at least 5 facts about the company that you can repeat if they ask you anything like that.

I had my assessment centre in November and got offered the job :)… are you interviewing for the London positions?


Hey Oli_f

Thanks a lot for the inputs. Really appreciate it :slight_smile: I have been invited for the assessment centre this Monday. I have applied for the IT Technical Analyst program for the London positions. Congrats on your offer :slight_smile: Hope mine goes well too! They have said that it starts with a lunch, followed by a group exercise and 3 one-to-one interviews.


You’re so lucky to get the lunch! At mine we didn’t get any lunch they just teased us by showing us the restaurants on-site on a building tour!! haha… I replied to your pm! congrats on getting through!