Credit Suisse - EMEA IBD Full-time Analyst 2011 - London

Credit Suisse

Has anyone received any feedback?


ahahha mine still says ‘pending’ not sure whats happening…


Could you please share your experience? Were interviews technical or competency based? What questions were asked?


trading baby,
yes, for IBD.
yes, I know, since i did 5 month internship in IBD last year.


Guys the question about feedback and statut is it after first round interview or after AC-Final Round?

I applied FT IBD LDN, 1st round interview in Paris a month and a half ago, just after they call me to fix the final round and they call me after to postponned to a further day, A month later they told me that they had only a few positions left for emerging market and Italian-spanish speaker… HR told that they would come back to me when they have more info… but nothing new since then!

As s’o applied for Summer intern and got an answer, invitation or whatever?


Hi Ant13.
In my case it was first round interview. I havent received any feedback yet. I applied for FT IBD LDN.


Full time IBD London —> Status IN PROGRESS from ages!!

Has anyone been rejected?


I am in the same boat… Full time IBD London - IN PROGRESS


It seems that we all are in the same boat. In this situation we can only wait.


Anyone rejected?


Mine is still in progress. I applied to IBD since last year. Has anyone being called for AC for IBD London?


Any news?


Solnce - no news up to now. I did e-mail them around mid-March and said they will get back to me shortly, but its now April and there isn’t any news.

Has anyone heard anything? Has there been any AC?