Credit Suisse - EMEA Fixed Income Sales Graduate Program Full Time Analyst, 2011

Credit Suisse

I keep emailing HR and everytime they advise me my application is still under review. If you’ve heard anything back either way, please share.



Anyone heard from Trading and Structuring?


Hey solnce, when did you apply and how long’s it been since you’ve last contacted HR?


I applied in October for trading, but havent heard anyting so far. My application status is “in progress” like yours.


Yeh, same here, I’ve emailed HR on a monthly basis since and they give me the same answer everytime = “In progress”. All other IB seem to have everything wrapped up by now!


I suppose CS also has all its positions filled. I dont have too much hope for CS.


I would say so bud. It would be nice just to know.


CS is still interviewing for trading and structuring, last week there was the final round for some desks.