Credit suisse autumn internship - 2011 - investment banking

Credit Suisse

Hi guys,

The email sent on the 18th of March stated that they will be in a position to advise interview schedules within 1 - 2 weeks. Has anyone been invited to the telephone interview yet? I’m getting more and more nervous as time goes by…!


I got a message yesterday stating that I am still under consideration. Nothing specific though. Have you gotten anything?


I got the same message, its nice that they’re keeping us in the loop! I just dont know how much longer its going to take!


I beleive it’s a common practice. There is nothing we can do about it.


Anyone got invited to 1st round yet??


@mint; I haven’t, still waiting for a response to the application, have you?


Im still waiting aswell max, should have an answer soon I think…


gotta wait, haven’t heard anything either


Hi all!

I had no news either; still under review (but I’m glad that I can check the status online)

Is there a thread for the equivalent program at J.P.Morgan? (or do you have any news?)


Just got an email for 1st round interviews.


Good luck with your interview, let us know how it goes, any details would be really appreciated.


@ heyoo, when is the interview and how did it go?

I am still awaiting an email, has anyone else heard back? :slight_smile:



I got an email saying that they’re interviewing others but I shouldn’t worry (yet).


got the same email


I have been Invited to the final interviews that they will this wedneday! Anyone else?


Hi again,

They still have some first rounds to go .Fingers crossed :slight_smile:


I’m invited to a 1st round, how was urs spaniard?


Congratulations mintcondition! and best of luck.

How were you invited? phone? email?


my first round were 5 interviews, one with HR and the rest with bankers… Lots of technical questions regarding valuation. I interviewed in Madrid though


So I had two interviews which had fit , technical(valuation ) questions , brainteasers and a business case. Not though if you know the the stuff. Good luck for the others.