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Hey! Was invited to assessment centre for CS fixed income analyst. Has anybody else got the invitation? Would appreciate the advice of what to expect from this day, tests, interviews?


Congrats ‘cash money’. When did they invite you? I applied for Grad IBD since last year but it is still in progress. Have you heard anyone invited for IBD AC? Good luck with the AC, hopefully it will go well.


Thanks King! Invitation came today in the evening by mail. Unfortunately don’t know anybody from IBD, it’s now the hardest department to get into. But I think there is a new topic on IBD in CS “IBD Full-time Analyst 2011 - London” - just check on your right hand side! Wish you good luck, and don’t worry, I believe they just started sending out invitations!


cash money congratulations,
Is your position in fixed income sales or trading?
Are you sure that you were invited to AC? As far as I know, it is 2-3 face to face interviews for the first round.


Thanks Solnce! The position is actually fixed income research. Not sure if it’s AC! Are there any test, do you know?


It says assessment day in the email.


Unfortunately, I dont know anything about research. I had first round for IBD. There were only 3 face to face technical and competency based interviews. neither tests nor group exercises. However, in the invitation email that I received, was written “first round interviews” not assessment day. So, it may vary from division to division. The best option for you will be simply to call them and ask what to excpect.
Anyway, I wish you best luck.


Thank you for the advice, solnce (солнце?) Actually I should receive a description of the assessment day, as promised by CS!



When did you have you first round for IBD? Is it full-time analyst?


oleg, sent you pm


Thanks cash money, I am monitoring that thread too. Good luck with your AC and please let us know how everything went.


Solnce, when was your AC? Was it for Grad IBD or?


king IB, I didnt have any AC, only first round interview a couple of weeks ago.


Thank you, King! Actually, my position is in IB too, just research in IB. I got the AC timetable now, it will be one whole day of interviews, first and second round all in one! Will let you know how it went, though I’m fearing a very technical angle!


Is the Research intern or grad?


Cash money, how were your interviews?


Do CS still consider internship applications after January?


Went ok, don’t know the outcome yet, but got into second round, which was on the same day. So now just waiting for the results.