Credit Suisse Assessment Center

Credit Suisse

Any one have an idea of what the assessment center of credit suisse is like for an IT Technical Analyst role?


Hi, not sure about the assessment centre, got a phone interview on monday. Have you already had one? If so how did it go? What sort of questions were you asked, just the usual why CS, why technical analyst and then competencies?

Good luck with the centre.


yea i got the feedback this morning,so part of what u need know is
why your choice of uni?
why ur choice of degree?
what motivates you?
what is your greatest acheivement?
How do u work as part of team?
why CS?
and make sure u give examples to back up ur points and remember to ask few questions.


fumsam: did you pass/fail the phone interview??


yea i passed it


hey fumsam, was just wondering when you had your phone interview and when your ac is?


i had the phone interview on wednesday and they called on thursday to say i have AC next week


thanks fumsam, have you got a day for the ac?


yea mine is on thursday


generally, how long does it take for CS to reply back after the tel interview… if u dont hear back within 2 days, does that mean its a rejection…cuz most pple who pass seem to hear back the very next day but not sure… is there anyone who passed the tel interview and heard back after more than 2 days???

@fumsam, best of luck for ur assessment center…


good luck for ur ac fumsam !

ib_grad, i had my telephone interview yesterday and not heard back yet. it went quite well i thought, but you can never tell with these things. hopefully monday we will here something. when was your telephone interview?


had mine on wednesday…


hey guys i had the AC for IT role fr singapore
its was just 2 interviews with hiring mmannagers(HR based ques onnly)
then ther was a group discussion…they would jst give u a random topic and u hav to discuss…i got it on finanncial crisis so was quite ok…
hope this hhelps
besta luck


Hi guys,

I applied to a Non-Technical role but, before the telephone interview, they told me I was chose for a Technical role. I’ll have an AC on Wednesday. We will have a group discussion and 3 one-to-one interviews. Do you think one of them will be a “programming” one?



when was your telephone interview matteo.lcn?


My telephone interview was on Monday


IB_grad, I was invited to their AC one week after the telephone interview so don’t worry too much:) I guess they are arranging AC days so they’ll only call you after that. Good luck!

I’m having my AC next Tuesday(01/12), anyone the same?



thanks Bingshu, best of luck to everyone attending assessment center next week :slight_smile:


is it for positions in uk or singapure


Any one had AC today,how did it go?