Credit suisse assesment centre

Credit Suisse
IT Graduate

Anyone here attending the credit suisse assesment centre for IT graduate scheme?


Technical or Non-Technical? PM me details. :smiley:


I applied to IT and havent heard back at all lol…


did you attend any open day networking sessions and not hear back from them or did you just apply online and not hear back?


I applied online about 3 weeks ago, did the tests, and when CS came for a presentation in my uni, I went to that as well, and I did ask about my application. The HR person simply took my contact and I never heard back after that…
I have a feeling I might have failed the verbal test lol.

When did u apply galaxy20? And do u know if anyone else who applied to technology has heard back?


CS is running an IT (Technical) Assessment Day today. As far as I’m aware, the vast majority of applicants on this particular week are those who were fast tracked after IT Open Days. There will also be a fast track assessment day for Non Tech roles in the next few weeks as well.

If you have only done the tests, then it’ll probably be a few weeks before you’re given a telephone interview invite. Don’t worry just yet, CS’ recruitment process is a little slower than others.


I was fast tracked after the IT open day, do you know anything about the interview process?i’ve heard its informal and more like a friendly chat. Bit worried about the competencey questions…


On the 7th? I guess we were at the same event.

As far as I’m aware there are three interviews and a group case study. Expect to be quizzed on your motivations to work in the financial industry, IT and be prepared to highlight some of your previous technical and business experiences. Make sure you are commercially aware and have an idea of the role you wish to work in, why and how you see yourself progressing.

Nothing out of the ordinary! :slight_smile:


no on the 5th, were u at the women in IT open day?


Hello everybody,

I have assessment day with CS in January, it’s summer analyst position, fixed income sales…
Has anyone had one?
What kind of questions they ask? They told me there would be several interviews… Also, if anyone knows, what are brainteasers and how can I prepare for them?

Any help would greatly appreciated!!!