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Credit Suisse

does anyone know, how long it takes for credit suisse to invite you for interviews after the online assesment?
any suggestions would great, thanks,



Hi Abhilash

Did u get an invite for the interview with Credit Suisse? I submitted my application and immediately got a mail asking me to undergo a verbal online test. Did you take the test? How did u find it? Can you throw some light on the verbal test?

Thanks and Regards
Prasanth John


Hi Prasanth,

Not yet gave CS online tests on Friday the 26th, so 2 working days now, and still counting:)
The tests were standard Kenxa Verbal tests followed by Numerical reasoning tests.

I know verbal can be a pain, but practice packages from assesment day websites can be helpful.
Good Luck…let me know how it goes!.



Hi Abhi

Thanks for the reply.
I took both the verbal and the numerical test today. As u mentioned it was Kenexa. I am not sure how I performed, but frankly speaking not very happy. Lets see what the end result is.
What about you? Did u get any reply from them?
Now I am waiting for their reply.

Prasanth John


@prashant: its been nearly 8 days since I took the online tests for CS,
as for me still waiting in the wings mate. I hope they get back to us with a positive outcome:)

cheers mate,


Hi Abhi

I am also waiting for the same… I think since we are in the very early stages of the recruitment, things might take some time… Lets hope for the best. Let me know if u get a reply from them…

Prasanth John


Am in the same boat as you guys, did my tests three weeks ago and am still waiting for my outcome. Let me know if you get a reply from them



@Etus: checked my application status logging onto their website, a reject, btw I applied to IBD dubai.

It seems like the competition is fierce or I made a hash of verbal test, either of the two…haha

anyways, good luck!



Hi, any of you that took the online tests heard back from CS? Which roles did you apply for? I am yet to take my tests for operations.


Hi guys, how many days Credit suisse give to complete the online tests? im applying for summer internship 2012, London!
Many thanks


I applied for CS on 15th September, did my tests that day and am still waiting to hear back for them. Mel I have also applied for summer internship in London, how did the tests go?


same I did. I applied both. any advice,guys?


Hi guys,thanks for the info! i have already completed my appllication, i think i will apply this week. lets see, when i get any news i will inform u! good luck to both of u!


Mem es kes sirumem shat!


hi guys,
do you have to give the tests immediately after submitting the application???
many thanks


yes… :slight_smile:


Hey guys,
thanks for the ton of information. I just applied to the Global Market Solution Group full time analyst role. Got invited to take the VERBAL test. But from what I can make out from previous conversations, am I right to believe that the verbal is actually both tests and that upon completion of the verbal test i’d be expected to IMMEDIATELY sit the numerical?
many thanks


Hey everyone… anyone got invitation for an interview? how long does it take them to respond after the test?!! i submitted my app and tests on the 29/11.

Any input would be highly appreciated.



They have filled up their vacancies for this year. I spoke to HR.


Hi, does that include all Ops roles as well?