Credit Suisse AC!

Credit Suisse

Hey Daisy!

If it is any concilation after my JPM I wanted to crawl up into a ball and just be swallowed by the pavement, so dont worry!! And the numerical and interviews are pretty important so if you did well on those you should be okay!

Most the brainteasers are pretty straightforward but I applied to another department to you guys - and from my friends who intern at Finance last year (at BarCap, MS) they were not asked any brainteasers during their interviews, so you should be fine. For the CS AC, just make sure your aware of recent developments regarding CS and more broadly the world of banking. Obviously keep up with the FT, any major news regarding the banking sector. Stuff like that will put you in good stead. Also ask some good questions, these are banking professionals so ask them questions regarding the Credit Crunch etc.

Also did you work at Standard Chartered?? My friend is on the grad scheme there he loves it!! but yeh they will ask you about it, if its on you CV, prob asking you why you want to work for CS over Standard Chartered? Also just focus on the competencies, they will def ask you the standard competencies …‘tell me about a time when you failed at a task’…‘Give me an example of when you worked in a team with difficult personalities’ …etc So be pepared for those…

How did your GS and DB one go? I read you recently had your DB?

Good luck!!



hey daisy,

dont worry abt jpm anymore, whatever happened is happened. we cannot control it, and stop thinking about it, try to think more about cs!
also i think jpm will give u feedback on this friday, so better keep ur fone silent during ur interview!
just do our best!

hey ethre,
nice proportion of your application and ac stuff, i have applied pretty much as u did, but i havent been to all of them yet, so i ll see what is my ratio. btw did you remember roughly how many questions they asked u about the current market? most questions are competency based right? also how many interviewers did you have in each interview?


Hey Ether,
yes i had a really really nice summer intern with Standard Chartered. My interview with DB yesterday was good. they asked me kind of questions like: what did u do in SC, what do u like the most about SC, how did u apply ur numerical skills into work, how did u work in a team in SC, do u think u have made a right decision to go for your uni and pursue your career in banking sector, etc. The 2 interviewers were really nice. for GS, im still waiting.
Ethre, how long was each interview? in ur AC u remember how many were brainteaser questions? i will focus on all the thing u have said. ah how is abt ur application with MS? i have been waiting for so so long and havent heard anything from them yet? :frowning:

hey amy,
do u apply to any other accountancy firm, like Big 4?


hi daisy
i didnt apply any accountancy firm, coz im not very keen on accounting, how about u?


hi amy,
yes, i applied to E&Y and currently waiting for their AC. except that, i just applied to IB.
what final round with CS is tmr rite? is this abt 11.30-3.30 pm as well, coz mine is abt that time on Fri. how is abt ur preparation.
good luck to u.


hi Amy, how was your AC today?


hey Daisy,
wow u are fast, i just got back home and check email and saw your message.
the interviews are ok they are standard questions and i didnt get to ask any market or brainteaser questions. so i guess divisions vary.
Dont be scared, people there are nice, rather than examine you, they are more like chatting type. Just make sure you know your answer to different questions!
Good luck tomorrow:d


Hi amy,
congratulation!! u have done ur AC!
which division are u currently applying for? I applied to Finance. So they focused more on competency based questions: team working, leadership, problem solving, communication, time management skills? yeah, i will prepare more examples for each type of question.
how many people interviewed u each time? just one or 2?
Today Mona called me again to confirm my schedule tomorrow at CS. she told me that each interview is abt 30mins? how were yours?
Yeap, i really hope that i do well tmr! i will try my best!
good luck to both of us!


hi daisy
i applied for operations, so similar stuff actually.
i didnt quite remember how long was each interview, coz it was more like chatting, so time passed really fast. today there were 3 people including me, so tomorrow shudnt be that many for you either.
arrive on time and good luck!
get me updated with u:)


hey daisy,
hows your ac go? i have got the offer with them, they called me this morning. really fast.
hope u will have the offer too…


hi Amy,
I have been sick since Fri after the interview. so sorry for replying u late. Iam really nervous now, i haven’t heard anything back from them.
really hope that i can get this!
i will update u soon!