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Credit Suisse

I’ve just been invited to a Credit Suisse AC next friday and I would like to ask anyone for any help? Does anyone have any experience with Credit Suisse AC’s??? I really need some help as I know no-one with any Credit suisse experience - what should i expect? group work and presentations? any experiences grad or intern will be welcome - any division, I jus need something!!

thnxs ppl!


one of my friend applied to credit suisse - Risk management last year for a summer internship
he went to the final round.he told me that there was no group-work. he had 3 interviews with the Senior manger (abt 1hour) and also panel interview(abt 1.5 hours).
the questions were abt technical knowledge, commercial awareness - abt the current economy + business, your understanding of the division u apply to and the whole organization (should now abt their annual reports, highlights, current transactions, etc). they would also ask u abt your skills: problem-solving, leaderships. it is a 2way discussion. from your answers, they will tackle you. so do your homework and prepare as much as you can.

that is what he told me. i have a telephone interview this friday as well. how was your 1st interview?
if u pass some tips and hints on for me, it would be great.

anyway best of luck to your AC


Ether, What positon are you applying for?


I have a final round with CS (operations) as well and would really appreciate your insights. I was told I would be having 3 competency based interviews ONLY, no groupwork or presentations.


How was your telephone interview? By any chance do you remember what questions they asked you?


hey guys,

I am applying to IBD Summer Intern, yeh I have the AC on friday - really worried I was told there would be a group activity, presentation and 3 individual interviews. I havent been told about a numerical test, but I am wary of surprise tests so I wlll take a calculator just in case!! Really nervous, jus going to concentrate on the competencies and commericial awareness!

My telephone intervew was pretty easy, like a chat, finished within 15 mins - just asked the usual comp, why cs, why IBD? etc.

Can i ask a question, whats everyones thoughts on CS? I mean compared to GS, MS, DB, JPM where do u think it ranks, cos looking at all my applications I dont know who i would choose. (thats if I am successful of course!!)


My telephone interview was, as ether mentioned, like a chat. I was asked why your uni, why your course, what do u find most enjoying, least enjoying, why CS and couple of teamwork questions, thats all.


hey meritocrat,
when is ur final with cs? i have been asked to go the final as well next week. btw i applied operations as well. i havent got any information about how the final is going to be structured, maybe i should email them to find out. 3 interviews?? thats scary!!

Good luck:D


Cool, thanks guys.


Forgot to ask, did they ask you anything about the company? Also in terms of competencies was it just: Teamwork, Greatest success or failures?


Amy, mine is on tuesday.

now i am thinking if i should attend it or not, since i have already accepted another internship offer.


My application status is weird with CS…
After the telephone interview a few weeks later it said “Invited to interview awaitng details” and now it says “reviewing after interview” or something like that.


hi, meritocrat,
oh u got an offer already? where about? i mean if u think that company is quite good compared to cs, i dont see any point to waste ur time to do another 3 interviews anymore. but if there is something attracts u in cs, i think u r open for more options. Im sooooo worried abt mine on next friday!!


hi amy,
im also going to have my final round this Friday? have u done any research? they told me that there will be 3 interviews and networking lunch, so 4sure there ll b a case study or group group? i applied to Finance Division.

hi ether,
how was your AC with CS? how were the 3 interviews? did they forcus a lot on commercial awareness or lastest deal between CS and clients? your help and experience would be great!
Thanks so much!


hiya, daisy

Im having mine on this thursday, as far as im aware its only 3 interviews and no case study or group work, but divisions could differ, so u better check with HR, as they are quite helpful. i havent really done any research myself coz i have workload from uni and dont really have much time so im quite nervous about that as well.
hope everything goes alright with you, anything just leave me a message!


hi amy :slight_smile: just so randomly i read other threads and saw your comments
u had Assessment Centre with JP Morgan rite, how was it going on?
I had mine with JP Morgan for Risk Management last friday :frowning: i totally screwed it up. i did not have enuf time to do research 4the case study and i finished my 3 continuous exams on 20 21 22 and 23 was the AC :frowning: felt so bad. But i managed the interview and numerical test pretty well. how was your result for JP Morgan. im still waiting for them.

I m just starting doing research for CS. really dont know what to expect. coz in the email, they said that there r 3 competency based questions but it would have a lot of commercial awareness questions, wouldn’t it? i also look for the latest deals between Cs and its clients!

good luck with ur final round on this Thur!


Hey Daisy and Amy it ether (yeh I had to create a totally new login as my old one doesn’t seem to work) Soo how has all the CS AC’s go?? Mine went really well and I was offered a place and a specific division team where I would be housed for my internship. I have finished all my ACs so at the moment I am looking over all my offers and thinking about where to spend my summer??!?

It was really nice, the Credit Suisse AC, really enjoyed the experience, altho once you do one AC there all very similar, I like the people that interviewed me, seemed like they really wanted me to join them so that was cool. The interviews were very much competency based, altho I did get a few questions on the credit crunch and brainteasers as standard.

What divison are you applying for Daisy?? Also just read about your JPM AC, dont worry bout it, I had an absolute shocker at mine. But still got the offer, so dont worry. But dont worry the JPM is alot harder, my CS AC was my last one and it went soo well, you’ll be fine!!


hey, ether

glad to hear you back with some good news!!
how long did you wait for cs after ac? did they give you the offer straightaway?
also, i really apperciate if you can share some questions on credit crunch and the brainteasers!
have you decided where u wanna be yet? hehe
now u can relax, i still have a long way to go!!

take care


Hey Amy,

If I can remember they telephoned me on the same day but mine was in the morning. But my housemate also got an offer (CS but diff AC) and she was telephoned the next day, but usually its within 24 hours of the event in either case (rejection or offer).

Credit Crunch question was really easy just give me a 2 min overview of the credit crunch and then i mentioned a few things like about what happend real easy. Emm, and the brainteasers were pretty easy:

Theres a tennis tournament 128 players, straight knock out - 1 winner. How many matches are played inc the final? Also I was asked where the FTSE 100 will be in a years time (but there is no right answer to that) as no-one knows, esp the professionals!! haha!

I have kinda decided, but it is so hard, but from all the banks I have applied to, all of them are so nice and friendly. Can’t believe all the applying/testing is over - I have a void in my life… I need to do one more PSL test ??? lol I think my total was



hi Ethre ( i like your old username more :D)

i already had my AC with JP Morgan last Friday, so currently waiting for them. i did so bad that day abt the case study.though it was not that difficult , to b honest. my mind came kind of blank at that time :frowning: felt so so bad. i did only well the numerical test and interview.

My AC with CS is this Friday and I applied to Finance division. if i cant answer the brainteaser questions :frowning: will it be difficult coz iam not at all good at it! how many brainteaser questions? u remember? u think watelse should i prepare more? competency, commercial awareness? with my phone interview, they really focused on team working skills.
last year, i had my intern with Standard Chartered Bank in Credit Risk Department, so i think they would ask me a lot abt this, wouldnot they?coz it was my experience with GS and DB. Ethre anything else i should pay attention? :frowning:

thanx so much for ur reply!!!i really appreciate it!
ah so wat is ur decision :P?

hey amy :frowning:
yes we still have long way to go. best of luck for both of us!