Credit, fraud and financial check




recently offered a job at a bank, subject to credit, finance and fraud checks.
2 things I’m worried about…
first i took a payday loan a couple of months back and was unable to pay when arranged so contacted them and made a new payment plan (with them, not a debt management plan or anything like that)
also i am £140 over my overdraft limit (un-arranged overdraft) due to direct debits coming out whilst there is no money in there

1)does the whole overdraft - direct debit - £140 situation count as late or missed payments?
2) how will all of this affect me getting the job?

sorry about awful grammar, wikijob keeps freezing so this is 3rd time I’ve typed this!!

Many thanks in advance


Hi there,

In my experience, these two scenarios are not likely to affect you getting the job. Obviously, it is a case by case basis, but certainly not the overdraft (every student has one and has had late payments at some stage). Your situation with the payday loan sounds like it is pretty much resolved? They will always ask you if you have declared bankruptcy or organised a debt management plan for a loan but it doesn’t sound like your situation falls in to those categories.

Finally, if something flags up on your checks they will ask you about it and dig further. You won’t get immediately rejected so don’t worry!

Good luck!