Credit Controller


Not sure if this is exactly the correct forum to write this in, if not then I apologise now.

I’ve got an interview on Monday arranged by an agency with Scottish Power to work as a temporary Credit Controller. To be honest I only got this news yesterday so not had much time to research. I’ll be doing some now but was wondering if anyone could provide some information on what sort of work a Credit Controller actually does in simpleton terms.

I’ve got this so far

‘Monitor, control and influence cash collection to ensure achievement of Debtors Planned Performance in the key areas of balanced Age Band Resolution’

which to be honest makes little sense to me.

I’m not expected to know much really but I thought anything I do know can’t hurt.

Another thing; it seems being offered a job from the Big 4 is already paying dividends. I partly got this interview because the agency guy heard I had been accepted into KPMG next year and used it as a signal that I am competent. In fact he mentioned in particular that the fact the KPMG process is difficult.

Is the KPMG process known to be slightly more difficult than the other Big 4 processes?

Anyway thanks in advance for any help. As I said, my interview is on Monday so today or tomorrow is preferrable though any information for future reference is also appreciated.


Hey. Only just read this. How did your interview go? Did you find out what a [[credit control]]ler does? What was the [[Scottish Power]] interview like?

From the feedback from candidates in this forum, it does seem that the [[kpmg]] interview process (especially the [[aptitude tests]]) is particularly hard, even more so than other [[big 4]] firms.

Well done for getting the interview. Interested to hear how it went!


The interview actually went fine but I still didn’t get the job. I was told another candidate was chosen because he could drive and that the interviewer was worried that I might quit the temporary job if I was offered another job since the travelling times were 90mins there and 90mins back.

The interview itself wasn’t difficult at all compared to those asked by accountancy firms. He just went through my CV and spent most of the time telling me about Scottish Power.

As for what a credit controller does; by the sounds of it it has little to do with financial accountancy even though I often see it being advertised in that sector. Credit controllers are in charge of getting money from people that owe them money for various reasons. That’s the gist of it anyway.


So, in may ways like a glorified debt collector?!


Heh well that would be an adequate summary but I’m sure there are many credit controllers out there that could tell me otherwise.


You’re lucky you didn’t get the job. Being a credit controller means calling people up who haven’t paid their invoices and asking for the money, hence the name, credit control. When people want to pay their bills, they call you.

It’s a rubbish job that will lead you no where and teach you little, so don’t feel too bad!

PS I worked in a credit control department of a huge Plc in Manchester and let’s just say, never again.



just out of curiosity, how did you get out and have you been able to go from credit controller to a more general/financial accounting position?

Personally, I got a Bachelor degree in Business Administration but with the wrong specialisation… Looking to for GL work @ Big 4;