Credit Check


Does anyone know if you HAVE to undergo a credit check if you are successful and about to get an offer for IB roles?

I know you will go through criminal record check and for commercial/retail banking the offer is subject to credit check as well.



A credit check? Really? I didn’t know this… why would you need a credit check? Even if it turned out you were bankrupt, wouldn’t it be unfair if they didn’t employ you because of just that?


I had a thorough background check at the time I was recruited for my IB role. I am not sure whether they have conducted a credit check though. I would think, given they can easily access my credit report (Equifax in the UK) and there is no legal restriction on whether they can access it, why would they not do it?! I am not sure whether they can act on the outcome of the credit check.



Wouldn’t have thought so. Credit is private knowledge. Crime is public.